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Which mattresses do hotels use?

Which mattresses do hotels use?

Which mattresses do hotels use?

Good hoteliers want you to stay again, so they make every effort to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. While they can’t change the size of the room, the view overlooking the fire escape, or the rumbling noise from the lift, they can offer perks like a pillow menu and a top-of-the-range mattress to all their guests. 


Why are hotel mattresses so comfortable?

Falling into a freshly made bed of crisply ironed, beautifully white linens is one of life’s simple pleasures. In a hotel, it can feel even better, because the whole environment is so comfort driven - from the extra deep pillows to the fluffy robe and slippers. 


Also, bigger hotel chains often work in partnership with some of the leading mattress brands to cross promote their products. Want to bring the five-star experience home? Enjoy a risk free, 200 night trial with the Hybrid® Luxe, our deepest, plushest mattress engineered with ten dreamy comfort layers.


Are hotel mattresses made differently to domestic ones?

Hotel beds, especially in North America, are particularly generous and much bigger than what we are used to at home in the UK, adding to the comfort level and allowing guests to stretch out. 


Due to the constant turnover of guests, hotels often opt for the most robust, shock absorbing mattresses to limit noise, such as traditional spring mattresses with a cushioned gel top layer on a box spring or divan bed base. 


What type of mattresses do hotels use? 

Most hotels use medium-firm mattresses which last longer than softer versions. Hybrid mattresses combine spring and foam layers to provide pressure relief and a more individual response to