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European Double Mattresses

Each and every Simba EU double mattress features our exclusive sleep technology; we analysed the data of over 10 million sleepers and made 70 prototypes before we came up with our ingenious, game-changing design. But having earned over 250,000 5-star reviews and 50 industry awards, it looks like all our cooling, super comfortable mattresses are much loved the world over.

Browse our entire range here, to find the best European double mattress for you.


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40% OFF SAVE £700
  • 8 Layers

  • Up to 4000 Springs

  • 28cm Depth

  • Pure wool layer

FREE Mattress Protector

£1,049.40 £1,749
Or £33.62 monthly

40% OFF SAVE £500
  • 6 Layers

  • Up to 2000 Springs

  • 25cm Depth

  • Original Hybrid® design

£749.40 £1,249
Or £24 monthly

60% OFF SAVE £1,049
  • 9 Layers

  • Up to 4000 Springs

  • 28cm Depth

  • Pure Wool Layer

£699.60 £1,749
Or £22.41 monthly

60% OFF SAVE £749
  • 7 Layers

  • Up to 2000 Springs

  • 25cm Depth

  • Original Hybrid® design

£499.60 £1,249
Or £16 monthly


  • What size is a Simba EU double mattress?

    Our European Double mattress measures 140cmW x 200cmL; the depth of the mattress depends on the type of mattress you select. We also offer wider European Queen size mattresses.

  • Do Simba also offer other European size mattresses?

    Yes. We also offer wider European Queen size mattresses, as well as European Single Mattresses; unfortunately the Hybrid Kids’ mattress, which is suitable for bunk beds, is only available in a UK single size.

  • Size considerations when choosing a European double mattress

    An EU double bed mattress is a little longer than the UK double, so it’s worth considering for taller types and growing teenagers. But don’t overestimate how much space you have; make sure you have plenty of room to walk around your bed and open wardrobe doors and drawers.

  • Caring for your European double mattress

    This is not a mattress you need to turn over, ever; we recommend only that you spin it round from head to foot once a month for the first three months that you have it. After that you only need to rotate it every three or four months.

    Do also browse our range of Mattress Protectors if you want to keep your mattress clean and fresh; they’re machine washable and made from soft quilted cotton.

  • Will my EU double mattress qualify for Free Delivery & Returns?

    All our mattresses are delivered boxed and free of charge; please allow a couple of days for them to return to their proper shape. Returns are free within the trial period , so if you’re not happy with your mattress within that time we will come and collect it from you free of charge.

  • Can my European double mattress be recycled?

    All Simba mattresses are 100% recyclable, and wherever you buy a new mattress from us, for a small fee we can remove and recycle your old mattress for, whatever the size and brand.

  • Can I buy a refurbished Simba EU double bed mattress?

    EU double mattresses are sometimes available in our range of Refurbished Mattresses, so it’s worth checking in regularly to have a look.

    All refurbished mattresses are rigorously inspected; any defective parts are replaced, and the entire unit is deep cleaned and sanitised to hospital standards. It is then issued with a certified 1yr Simba guarantee by our renewals team.

  • Do Simba also offer UK size mattresses?

    Yes. In UK sizes we offer Double Mattresses as well as Small Double Mattresses which are handy for small bedrooms. For bigger UK sizes head over to our King size Mattresses or our Super King Mattresses for a touch of spacious luxury.

Choosing the right Simba EU double mattress

Our European double mattresses are available in our Hybrid range and are expertly engineered to help you sleep longer, deeper and cooler, whatever your preferred sleeping position. With our patented Aerocoil® micro springs, which offer unrivalled support whatever your sleeping style, the Hybrid range features additional Simbatex® foam comfort layers which offer 30x the airflow of memory foam.

Hybrid® EU Double Mattress

Our Hybrid® mattresses feature our titanium Aerocoil® micro springs, which offer tailored support towards the top of the mattress where you need it most. Their pocketed conical shape means they only compress inwards, preventing the transfer of motion from one partner to the other. This patented spring system combines with Simbatex® foam comfort layers; this perforated, graphite infused memory foam offers 30x more airflow than traditional memory foam. For light or fidgety sleepers who disturb each other we recommend the Hybrid or Hybrid Pro EU double mattresses. For sleepers troubled by back pain we recommend our deeper mattresses with more springs and extra comfort layers, such as the Hybrid Pro or Hybrid Luxe EU double mattresses.


Happy Sleepers

We rest better when we know your honest opinion of us. Check out reviews from Simba sleepers below.

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