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Double Mattress Toppers

Looking for a double mattress topper? You’re in the right place, because a double mattress topper from Simba is packed with our innovative, patented Hybrid mattress technology and designed to add all the extra support and comfort you need.

Topper, Double

comfort boost

Topper, Double

  • 4 Layers

  • 2500 Springs

  • 6.5cm Depth

Or £24.08 monthly
Simba Hybrid® Essential Mattress Topper, Double
  • 4 Layers

  • 1500 Springs

  • 6.5cm Depth

Or £19.91 monthly
refurbished Simba Mattress Topper  Refurbished, Double
  • 4 Layers

  • 2500 Springs

  • 6.5cm Depth

  • 100% tested, sanitised & certified by Simba

Or £13.25 monthly
refurbished Simba Hybrid® Essential Mattress Topper  Refurbished, Double
  • 4 Layers

  • 1500 Springs

  • 6.5cm Depth

  • 100% tested, sanitised & certified by Simba


  • Benefits of using a double mattress topper

    If you sleep on a double bed and are finding your current mattress no longer offers the support and comfort you need, a mattress topper could be a good solution. They can improve comfort and support on a double mattress, as well as on sofa beds and inflatable beds. Benefits include:

    ● Extending the lifespan of your double mattress - avoid buying a brand new mattress by choosing a mattress topper instead
    ● Better for the environment - mattress toppers in double bed sizes save the materials for the production of a new mattress and the transport required for delivery
    ● Experience the various comfort and support features of a mattress topper
    ● Great for guests - place on your guest beds, sofa beds and blow up beds for when friends and family visit
    ● Hygiene - Simba mattress toppers have a removable cover that can be washed.

  • Why choose a Simba double mattress topper?

    A Simba double mattress topper lets you experience all the innovative features of a Simba mattress. Our mattress topper range works with our own mattresses, as well as those of other manufacturers, plus sofa and airbeds.

    You will find many of our patented mattress innovations in our double mattress toppers:

    Unique technical features: We’ve developed a range of smart features to increase the comfort of our mattress toppers, including specially designed springs to provide more support to your body, ingenious temperature management thanks to our open cell foam, and an anti-slip base to give you a secure sleep.
    Sustainability: Simba double mattress toppers have a lower carbon footprint (they’re made in the UK), and we use our own SimbaPure® foam which is free of CFCs, TCPPs and other harmful chemical products. All materials used in our mattress toppers are recyclable (and primarily from sustainable sources); we also offer carbon neutral delivery, plus a collection/recycling service whenever you buy a new mattress from us.
    Flexibility: A Simba double mattress topper works with all kinds of mattress or fold-out bed. They’re easy to store and carry, and their elastic straps mean they attach securely to the base below.
    Risk free purchase: Our unique, sprung mattress toppers feature a 365-night free trial and returns as well as a 10-yr guarantee.

  • What size is a double mattress topper?

    Simba’s double mattress topper measures: W135cm x L190cm x D7cm

    We also provide single mattress toppers, small double mattress toppers, king size mattress toppers and super king size mattress toppers.

  • Double mattress topper materials

    We’ve invested in research and development to produce high performance and sustainably sourced materials in our mattress toppers, including:

    ● SimbaPure® foam
    ● Pocketed Aerocoil™ springs

    Simba’s double mattress toppers are made from 100% recyclable materials, and packaging is up to 60% recycled and from approved FSC sources.

  • How to wash a double mattress topper

    Washing a Simba mattress topper is easy. Simply unzip the white sleep surface (just the top half), then put it in the washing machine on a maximum 40°C spin. You can also tumble dry on a low setting.

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