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Single Duvets

Sleep longer, deeper and cooler with our technologically-driven, sustainable single duvets that we engineer for the perfect night’s sleep.
25% Off 35% Off with mattress
Simba Hybrid® Duvet
  • Down-like softness with ultra-fine Simba Renew fibres


25% Off 35% Off with mattress
Simba Hybrid® 3-in-1 Duvet
  • Two duvets with Simba Renew and our cooling Stratos® technology



  • Why choose a Simba single duvet?

    We’re experts in the science of sleep and obsessively engineer all of our single duvets to provide unbeatable comfort. Whether you choose our Simba Hybrid® Duvet or Simba Hybrid® 3-in-1 Duvet, both deliver the perfect combination of lightweight warmth and down-like softness to keep you sleeping soundly throughout the year.

    There’s also free delivery and returns and a one-year guarantee on all our Simba Hybrid Duvets.

  • What are Simba single duvets made from?

    Our single duvets are made with 100% Better Cotton, which is breathable, exquisitely soft and better for the people who produce it and the environment it grows in.

    The fibre filling is our patented Simba Renew®, which features tiny siliconised fibres to create a silky down-like softness that delivers superior thermal performance. Simba Renew is made from recycled PET bottles and is 100% Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified for sustainable comfort you can feel good about.

  • What technology is in a Simba single duvet?

    When it comes to the science behind a great duvet, we’ve got you covered.

    Our single duvets feature multiple layers of Simba Renew. Made from 100% recycled material, these tiny fibres are combed into down-like clusters to keep you warm and allow excellent airflow, creating a duvet that’s incredibly light and cloud-like. This unique filling helps our duvets achieve the same thermal efficiency as a premium down duvet of the equivalent tog rating but without the premium price point.

    Both our Simba Hybrid Duvet and Simba Hybrid 3-in-1 Duvet feature one side of our ingenious Stratos® heat control technology, which dissipates excess heat away from the body, so you’re always at perfect degrees.

    Our Simba Hybrid 3-in-1 Duvet also includes incredibly fine Modal fibres, derived from natural wood pulp. These exceptionally breathable fibres help to wick moisture away from the body to keep you in total temperature-controlled comfort.

  • What tog ratings are Simba single duvets?

    ● Simba Hybrid Duvet - This super-soft duvet delivers an impressive 10.5 tog for unbeatable lightweight warmth.
    ● Simba Hybrid 3-in-1 Duvet - Our 3-in-1 duvet includes a 7 tog duvet for milder spring or autumn nights and a 3.5 tog duvet for the summer. Just join them together to create a 10.5 tog duvet that’s perfect for winter.

  • What size is a single duvet?

    Our single duvet is W135cm x L200cm, which is the standard duvet size for a UK single bed. This is significantly bigger than the size of a single mattress, with the extra length and width helping to keep you warm and covered.

    We also sell Simba double, king and super king size duvets.

  • How to wash a single duvet

    Our single duvets are a dream to keep clean. Just pop yours in the washing machine at up to 40°C and tumble dry it on the lowest heat seating. It’s up to you how often you clean your duvet, but we recommend every six months or so on average.

  • Can you use single duvets on a cot bed?

    Single duvets are not safe for babies who are less than one year old. They’re great for toddlers though, with lightweight duvets helping to prevent your child from overheating and our patented Stratos heat control technology keeping them cool throughout the night.

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