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To be honest, helping the world sleep and feel better is one of the main  reasons we get up in the morning; we believe great sleep is a universal right, and our aim is to make it accessible to everyone.  

But we know there’s an even more fundamental human right that needs to be protected. The right to be Free. Servitude, forced labour, human trafficking, and all forms of modern slavery, are the deprivation of a person’s freedom by someone else, to exploit them for profit or gain. It would be easy to pretend it doesn’t happen here or in more distant countries, but it does. And we should call it out for what it is – it’s a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights.  

We share in the global responsibility to put an end to these activities. For Simba, signing up to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 is more than a formality. It’s a necessity and a duty.  

We’ve made a start close to home, with an unequivocal, zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking in our business. But we also demand the same zero tolerance from all our contractors, suppliers and other business partners; in addition we expect our suppliers to ensure their own suppliers and partners adhere to the same high standards, and to alert us to any risks associated with Modern Slavery which they may uncover their supply chains. 

To read a copy of our 2021 Modern Slavery Statement in full, please click here.

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