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European Single mattresses

Looking for a cool, comfortable 90 x 200 mattress? You’ve come to the best place. Because Simba’s innovative sleep technology has made us the most five star reviewed mattress brand in the world, and our ground-breaking designs have won over 60 industry awards.

All our EU single mattresses feature exclusive, technologically advanced designs to make sure you sleep your best sleep ever as sustainably as possible; take a look here to find the best EU Single mattress for you.


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hybrid Simba Hybrid® Mattress, EU Single
  • 6 Layers

  • Up to 2000 Springs

  • 25cm Depth

  • Original Hybrid® design

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  • What size is a Simba European Single mattress?

    These mattresses are an EU single size, measuring 90cmW x 200cmL with a depth of between 25-31cm. The European single size is only available in our Organic and Hybrid ranges; if you’re looking for a UK single size foam mattress or a bunk bed mattress, have a look at the slightly shorter UK Single Mattresses.

  • Do Simba offer European size mattresses in larger sizes?

    If you need a bigger EU size mattress for your bed, we also have a range of roomy EU Queen size mattresses and EU Double mattresses.

  • What to consider when choosing a European single mattress

    European single mattresses are slightly longer than UK single size mattresses, so do check the size of your bed carefully before you make your choice. That extra length also means you need to measure your bedroom carefully making sure you have plenty of room around the bed and that you can open any drawers, cupboards and doors

    Our EU Single mattresses are perfect for guest rooms, either on their own or as a twin bed set; you can rest assured that Simba mattress technology ensures your guests will sleep in cool, supported comfort.

  • Is a Simba European Single mattress suitable for kids?

    Yes absolutely. Any kid's mattress is bound to get constant and heavy use; they also need plenty of support and space as they grow. But all EU single mattresses are expertly made and offer superb support and, being that bit longer, plenty of growing room too.

    Unfortunately we don’t have any European Single mattresses suitable for top bunks or cabin beds: raised beds require shallower mattresses for safety reasons, so we recommend our Hybrid Kids Mattress, which is a shorter, UK single size but has a smaller depth of 16cm.

    If you have enough room, you might also want to consider our wider Small Double Mattresses, Double Mattresses, King Size Mattresses and Super King Size Mattresses. Alternatively head over to All Mattresses for more details about our entire range.

  • Which of Simba’s EU Single mattresses offers the best support?

    Being correctly supported as you sleep is important for all of us, especially children; waking up with aches and pains reflects incorrect spinal alignment or insufficient support for pressure points such as the hips and shoulders.

    Here at Simba our sleep scientists have found that the correct level of support is provided by a combination of response and resistance - without an upper, responsive comfort layer it would feel like sleeping on a wooden plank, but without a sufficiently strong support layer underneath it would feel like sleeping on a bouncy trampoline.

    But Simba’s unique blend of cushioning Simbatex® foam and super-responsive Aerocoil® springs ensure exactly the right balance of elasticity and support in all our Hybrid mattresses - as well as in our Green Organic mattress, where latex replaces the foam comfort layer.

  • Do Simba also offer UK size mattresses?

    Yes. Simba offer a range of UK Single Mattresses. But if you have enough room, you might also want to consider our wider Small Double Mattresses, Double Mattresses or King Size Mattresses. Alternatively head over to All Mattresses for more details about our entire range.

  • My child gets hot at night. What’s the best EU single mattress for kids or teenagers that overheat?

    Being too hot can be very disruptive to sleep. This is because our body temperature needs to drop a few degrees as we drift off to sleep. So, if we’re too warm at night our natural process of falling asleep is interrupted and we wake up.

    That’s why all our European Single mattresses are engineered with patented sleep technology to keep adults and children at the perfect temperature for sleep. Both our Hybrid and Organic mattresses feature Simba’s ingenious Aerocoil® springs, which push air gently through the top layers where the circulation of air is needed most.

    Our Hybrid® mattresses also feature Simbatex® foam which has a perforated, less dense structure ensuring more airflow than sticky, standard memory foam. The Green Organic EU Single mattress features natural latex instead of foam, but latex is a breathable material and we’ve added perforations to further encourage the flow of cooling air through the mattress.

  • How to care for and maintain your EU single bed mattress

    It’s easy! Just rotate your mattress head to foot once a month for the first three months, then repeat seasonally.

    All Simba mattresses have removable covers which go in your washing machine, but we also recommend investing in our European Single Mattress Protector to help keep your new mattress fresh and clean; it’s made from soft, quilted cotton and washes like a dream.

  • Do you sell refurbished European single mattresses?

    Yes, we refurbish and resell almost all the mattresses returned to us: we believe it’s a more responsible use of energy and materials, plus it means we can offer all the benefits of our sleep technology at a fraction of its original price.

    All our EU refurbished single mattresses are 100% tested, sanitised, and certified by Simba’s own renewal experts with a one-year guarantee. But stock does fluctuate depending on what’s been returned, so if you can’t see what you want straight away do keep checking back on our Refurbished Mattresses page.

  • Is there a delivery charge for Simba European single mattresses?

    No, we’ll guarantee free delivery on deliver your European single mattress even in sale periods! It’ll arrive conveniently rolled and boxed, just give it a few hours to full regain its shape.

  • Is there a free trial period on Simba European single mattresses?

    We like to give you plenty of time to get to know your new mattress, so you get 200 nights to decide if you’re happy with your EU single mattress. If you decide you don’t like it within that time, we’ll collect it for you free of charge. 

  • What’s so special about a Simba Hybrid® EU single mattress?

    All our exclusive Hybrid® EU single mattress designs are engineered with a unique blend of our patented Aerocoil® springs and our cushioning Simbatex® foam; together they offer unrivalled, contoured support and superb pressure relief, for longer, deeper and cooler sleep.

What types of European Single mattress do you offer?

Our award-winning range features our Hybrid® European Single mattresses. Here’s a quick summary of what they offer:

Hybrid® EU Single mattress

The original and bestselling blend of our patented Aerocoil® micro springs and open-cell foam. 

If you’re still unsure which European Single mattress is best for you have a look at our Mattress Comparison Guide.


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