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The Simba Bed Bases

The Simba Bed Bases

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The fact is that traditional bed bases don’t provide any focused support for your lower back or shoulders, but we’ve designed two new slat systems with responsive suspension, to cushion your weight and relieve pressure in these areas… Let us introduce you to the ingenious new inventions that are Simba Flex and Simba React.

  • simba flex

These bed slats aren’t just slats - they’re actually modern engineering. Unlike traditional, static bed bases, every single one of these ingenious slats flexes gently as you move, helping your body remain perfectly balanced and aligned. We’ve also added triple-cushioned, hyper-reactive narrower slats to relieve pressure around the shoulder area where most night movement occurs, along with firmer, extra-wide slats around the lumbar area which needs more support.

It’s safe to say our sleep engineers are rather proud of these dreamy little chaps.

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