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Sleeping with the stars

We're listening... Everything we do, we do to make sure you get the best night's sleep. Below you’ll find real and unfiltered reviews. We ask every single customer their thoughts on Simba after they order.


As at 14th July 2023, according to both searches undertaken by Simba Sleep Limited ("Simba"), and outputs provided by our data management partner (GroupBWT, LLC), Simba as a brand has received in excess of 250,000 unique “5 star” reviews since February 2016. A 'unique "5 star" review' means a review that is left by an individual customer in respect of an individual product purchase. If a customer leaves more than one review in respect of the same product, each of these would be counted as a 'unique' review.

As at 14th July 2023, according to both searches undertaken and outputs provided by GroupBWT, LLC, Simba Sleep Limited is also the world’s most “5 star” reviewed mattress brand.

Each of these claims is based on analysis of publicly accessible, unique, online reviews/review-specific information which are rated on a 5 point, or star, basis, relating to: • Product reviews for orders placed on Simba's own e-commerce website; • Product reviews for orders of Simba's products sold by Simba but placed via eBay and Amazon; • Product reviews of 22 major mattress brands (which are comparable to Simba Sleep Limited in terms of size / market presence) and which have reviews that are accessible on Amazon, Trustpilot, and the mattress brands’ own e-commerce sites, between 4th July 2023 to 14th July 2023.

Simba does not moderate legitimate reviews on our website unless they contain objectionable content. Simba also has no control over (i) reviews left by Simba customers on third party websites; or (ii) reviews left by customers in respect of other mattress brands.


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