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Goes like a dream with

Engineered for sleep and a better tomorrow

Engineered for
sleep and a better tomorrow

The best thing about a great night’s sleep is the healthier, happier morning that follows, but we know there’s no brighter tomorrow in sight for the planet right now. So we’re using our technology and knowledge to play our part in solving the problems it faces.

Net Zero commitment

We're all in this together. That’s why, along with other retailers across the UK, we’ve signed up to the BRC Climate Action Roadmap; this commits all participants to become carbon neutral by 2040, but here at Simba we think we can go further, so we’ve set ourselves a deadline of 2030.

BRC Climate Roadmap

Simba recognise that sustainability is greater than individual output. The BRC Climate Action Roadmap provides a fantastic opportunity for Simba to work with other leading brands and influence government legislation on how we tackle emissions within retail operations and supply chains; from raw material extraction through to final mile delivery. It is certainly a colossal challenge, but something we believe Simba can help achieve with guidance and support from this groundbreaking initiative.

Steve Reid, CEO

So what's next?

Along with several, exciting sustainable initiatives we will produce our Sustainability strategy early next year, based on the findings of our emissions audit.

Stay tuned for more news in 2022!

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