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Single Mattress Protectors

Protect your mattress and stay comfortable with our mattress protectors for single beds.

70% OFF SAVE £69
  • Shields and prolongs the life of your mattress

  • 100% tested, sanitised & certified by Simba

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  • Why choose a single mattress protector from Simba?

    A good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable foundation. Our single size mattress protectors not only provide an additional layer of comfort, but also extend the life of your mattress. Investing in an extra layer of protection brings a range of benefits that all lead to a better night’s rest.

    Built upon performance-led technology, our single mattress protectors are designed to improve the quality of your sleep. We want you to get the best sleep possible, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to begin your day.

    This all starts from what they’re made of. We use breathable and super-soft 200 thread count cotton in our mattress protectors. This lightweight material allows for optimum airflow around you and your mattress. It’s key in regulating your body’s temperature at night, and preventing the risk of overheating as this can disrupt your sleep. Additional comfort comes from the 200gm fill, which cradles you as you relax. Everything here works together to help improve your sleep.

    In terms of hygiene, our single bed mattress protectors feature patented Bi-Ome® technology. This actively prevents odours by eliminating the tiny microorganisms that cause them. It works by attracting and deactivating these microorganisms on contact. Their growth rates are reduced, as well as their speed of multiplying. The result is your mattress staying clean and fresh for much longer, which in turn prolongs its life.

    Each of our single mattress covers have bound edges. These not only offer a premium finish but provide a snug and secure fit. Your Simba single mattress protector will stay perfectly in place all night long.

    Environmental responsibility is a high priority at Simba. That’s why we’re part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a not-for-profit organisation which seeks to transform the cotton industry by improving sustainability measures, habitat protections, and working conditions across the board. Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products, but BCI farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we source.

  • Benefits of using a single mattress protector

    ● Provides additional comfort from quilted design on top.
    ● Looks after your mattress.
    ● Improves mattress hygiene.
    ● Protects against odours.
    ● Prolongs the life of your mattress.
    ● Is easy to keep clean.
    ● Promotes better sleep.
    ● Prevents wear and wear.

  • What size is a single mattress protector?

    Our single mattress protectors measure 90 x 190cm, making them ideal for UK single beds.

    They’re designed to fit securely to single bed mattresses, whether they’re Simba Hybrid® Mattresses, or another single mattress up to 40cm deep.

  • Single mattress protector materials

    The cover and skirt are made from 100% cotton.

  • How to wash a single mattress protector

    Our single mattress protector is easy to keep clean. The following steps will maintain their freshness, as well as extend their life.

    ● Wash with similar colours.
    ● Do not use biological and/or enzyme-containing detergents.
    ● Tumble dry on a cool setting.

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