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Goes like a dream with


Discover adjustable, cooling, cushioning support 

100% cotton cover, with Stratos® heat control  

Pure breathable cotton with ‘cool-touch’ Stratos® heat tech.

Includes recycled, reusable storage bag, plus a recycled storage bag for excess Nanocubes® 

  • 100% cotton cover, with Stratos® heat control  
  • Cushioning outer sleeve of soft, Simba Renew Bio™ fibres 
  • Supportive inner core of tiny Nanocubes®  
  • Breathable mesh border 
  • Outer sleeve of soft, Simba Renew Bio® fibres 
  • 100% cotton base cover

5Ingenious things about the Simba Hybrid® Pillow

We use our engineering expertise and the latest technology to bring you the best night’s sleep ever. Here’s how it works in the Hybrid® Pillow…

temperature control 

Keep a cool head

Thanks to this patented technology there’ll be no flipping the pillow in the middle of the night to find the cool side. We’ve added it to one side of the cotton pillow cover, where it provides instant coolness to the touch, and draws away excess heat to keep you at the perfect temperature.

Think of it as a sort of pillow thermostat.

5 Our recipe for a sustainable sleep (The story so far)

B corp logo
100% Cotton Cover
100% recycled/biodegradable filler (34 bottles per pillow)
100% recycled storage bag 
50% recycled packaging  
All deliveries 100%
carbon neutral
Certified eco-factory (100% renewable energy, 100% waste recycled). 
Target of Net Zero by 2030

Our awards

  • "It never needs plumping, and I found it much better at keeping me cool than the natural-fill pillows I tried."

  • “This and our other Best Buy below were the joint favourites of our testers. It doesn't matter whether you sleep on your side, front or back, you can get comfortable with this pillow.”

  • “It never needs plumping, and I found it much better at keeping me cool than the natural-fill pillows I tried...”

  • “Impressed us by staying plump, with no dips in sight.”

  • “Excellent, customisable support for your neck and head.”

  • “Our fave pillow is also adjustable, thanks to removable 'nanocubes' that can be added or taken away to match your sleeping style.”

  • “It scored full marks for fluffiness and everybody found it supremely comfortable and supportive.”

  • “Adaptability is just one of the reasons we consider it the best pillow.”

  • “The bespoke element to this pillow that really sold it to our testers.”

  • “It also holds its shape and barely needs re-plumping, unlike down or feather pillows.”

  • “Reasons to buy - temperature regulation, adjustable height and stays plump”

  • “Supremely comfortable, completely customisable, and brilliant at maintaining its shape, this is the best pillow that I’ve ever used.”

  • “It feels as soft as the finest goose down but with the support of memory foam.”

All of our deliveries are 100% carbon neutral. We have worked hard to measure all of the emissions we create and as a result have offset all greenhouse gas emissions for customer deliveries.

Menopause Friendly

Our products that carry the GenM Menopause Friendly symbol can ease, relieve or support one of more of the 48 symptoms and signs of menopause.

Happy Sleepers

We rest better when we know your honest opinion of us. Check out reviews from Simba sleepers below.

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