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Which mattress is better - open coil or pocket spring?

Which mattress is better - open coil or pocket spring?

Which mattress is better - open coil or pocket spring?

With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start when looking for a new mattress. Understanding the different types of mattress on offer can help to narrow the search. 

Open coil and pocket spring are two common types of mattress, but what are they, what is the difference between open coil and pocket spring, and which is better?


What is an open coil mattress? 


An open coil mattress is another name for the traditional spring mattress which uses an interconnected spring system in a big bouncy layer. These are mass produced and readily available, so they are cheap, basic, and priced accordingly. A typical mattress contains 300 coils. 

You may hear retailers mention the ‘gauge’ number of the mattress, which refers to the thickness of the wire used for the springs, with the lower the number indicating the thicker the gauge.  


- Cheaper

- Open coil tends to be lighter and easier to turn, which makes it easier to air.

- Most orthopaedic mattresses are made with an open coil construction, as they provide excellent support and firmness


- Open coil technology hasn’t changed dramatically and tends to be the least comfortable

- Bad choice for couples - open coil tends to sag more readily with repeated use, creating that tell-tale dip in the middle where you end up rolling together or clinging to the edge

- Not responsive to bodyweight - partner’s movements may feel more noticeable

- As the springs are large, they can also feel bumpier and dips can form around them

- They can have a shorter shelf life of between 3-5 years

- Single layer of springs covered with matting 


What is a pocket spring mattress? 

Pocket spring mattresses are made with individual springs containing their own pockets, often made with calico, that work independently. Spring counts range between 600 - 5,000. 


- A good choice for couples - the independent springs make this because the design responds and adjusts to each individual and prevents the rolling together feeling

- Less lumpy and bumpy on the surface

- Last longer - pocket spring last between 7-10 years

- Flexible for sleeping style

- Edge support 



- Heavier than open coil, pocket spring can be more difficult to turn

- A high number of springs isn’t always indicative of quality, and they can be made using more allergenic or dust attracting materials

- More expensive


Which mattress is for me?

Live together? A pocket spring mattress gives zero transference, meaning it has more benefits for different weighted bed sharers. 

Strapped for cash? Open coil mattresses tend to have a smaller price tag, but they are made with inferior materials and will sag more quickly, making them a false economy.

refurbished mattress offers incredibly good value. A hybrid mattress uses the latest spring technology with the benefits of foam support. Simba’s patented Aerocoil® springs and conical design offer responsive support from a seamless layer of micro springs. Foam layers offer edge-to-edge support to prevent dipping, sagging, and rolling, under a super smooth, cloud-like sleep surface.

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