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What mattress firmness should I get?

What mattress firmness should I get?

What mattress firmness should I get?

With so many types of mattress to choose from, the level of firmness is one of the five questions you need to ask when shopping around for a new one, which you will need to do approximately every 8 - 10 years

What is mattress firmness?

The firmness level usually determines how comfortable a mattress is and refers to the initial feeling or experience when you first lay down on the mattress. 


Firmness should not be confused with the other important factor of support, which is how a mattress keeps the spine in alignment. 


Firmness is usually dictated by the top comfort layer, whereas support is designed around the core of the mattress. 


What is the mattress firmness scale?

There isn’t a standard measurement for firmness, because every manufacturer is different, and we experience it differently due to our personal weight and build. 

For example, a heavier person may sink into a mattress more than someone who is less heavy. However, most manufacturers and retailers use a 10-point scale, which looks something like this; 


- 1 Extra Soft - this will sink heavily with touch, and wrap around the body

- 2-3 Soft - this will sink and hug the body

- 4 Medium Soft - this will sink a little and contour the body closely

- 5 Medium - this sink less but still contour closely

- 6 Medium Firm - this will not sink much, and contour moderately

- 7-8 Firm - no sinkage and minimal contouring

- 9-10 Extra Firm - no sin