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What type of mattress is the most supportive?

What type of mattress is the most supportive?

What type of mattress is the most supportive?

The right mattress support depends on your posture, weight, sleeping style, and who you share a bed with. 


Some types of mattress are more responsive than others. Futons can be very hard and rigid, whereas memory foam compresses under pressure but has less ability to bounce back quickly. 


hybrid mattress combines different technologies in a multi-layered design that uses both foam and springs to offer the best all-round combination of comfort and support. 


What is the best overall supportive mattress?

Thanks to the blend of cushioning foam comfort and the responsive support of springs, a hybrid mattress is suitable for a broad range of sleep styles, including side, back, and stomach. 


Which mattress is best for back pain? 

Ultimately, it depends on the kind of back pain that you are experiencing, and your dominant sleep position. Lower back pain is most frequently associated with lack of support when sleeping. Sitting properly during the day and being active through exercise and stretching are just as important as a good mattress. The best mattress for lower back pain will offer;

- Correct spine alignment - the spine should be in the neutral position 

- Maximum full body support  

- Even weight distribution - to prevent excess pressure on certain points or joints 


Are firmer or softer mattresses best for back pain?

A firm mattress that refuses to contour to the body will not provide support for the natural curvature of your spine, whereas a softer mattress can be less able to offer full body support. 

Simba Hybrid® mattresses are engineered with soft cushioning layers for even weight distribution, and firm layers for edge-to-edge and multi zone support. Simba’s unique, patented Aerocoil® springs are made of lighter, titanium alloy and finer than traditional chunky bedsprings - so you won't get that poking-in feeling. 


And they're made to a patented, cone-shaped design which hugs every point of the body and pivots and flexes to distribute your weight fully for pressure relief.


When choosing a mattress, also take into consideration your bed frame and the amount of support it gives. Simba bed bases are constructed using Simba Flex - a triple cushioned, responsive suspension system with both narrow and wide slats to support the shoulders and lumbar area; the main area associated with back pain. 


How can you prevent back pain whilst sleeping?

Waking up with back pain? It’s a good indicator that the issue may lie with your mattress. To check if your mattress is able to keep the spine in the neutral position, then ask someone you live with, or a visitor if you live alone, to take a photograph of you in your most common sleep position. 


Check that your pillow is the right height and keeps the neck in alignment with your spine, and that your mattress is able to fully support the length of the spine.


A pillow that is too flat or plump won’t keep the neck in the neutral position. The Hybrid® Firm Pillow has three layers that can be moved around, or removed, to suit your sleep style. Finding a mattress too hard? You can add cushioning support with the right mattress topper.


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