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Why choose a medium firm mattress?

Why choose a medium firm mattress?

Why choose a medium firm mattress?

Like ordering a steak in a restaurant, you can have a mattress to suit your personal taste

Mattresses are made on a sliding scale of firmness. However, there isn’t a standardised way to measure firmness, so it is subjective because we all experience firmness differently due to the many variables around weight and height. 

Medium firm mattresses come in most types of mattress, such as hybrid, spring, and organic mattresses, apart from foam and memory foam, however, levels of firmness can vary between manufacturers. 


What are firmness levels?

The firmness level usually determines how comfortable a mattress is.


Ever slept on a bed that feels like an ironing board? Or felt like you’ve disappeared into the middle? Support is the other major factor, which is how a mattress keeps the spine in alignment. 


Firmness should not be conflated with support; it is the initial feeling or experience when you first lay down on the mattress. On a scale of one to ten, medium firm would be around five to six.  


Which firmness is the best?

In the Goldilocks sense of finding the one that’s ‘just right’, a mattress that is too firm is less able to contour to your body. 


This can be more of an issue for side sleepers than back sleepers - as side sleeping uses a smaller surface area. Medium firm is certainly an all-rounder that will suit many people. 


What firmness do hotels use?

Because it works for all three sleep positions, hotels typically go with medium firm mattresses. Upscale hotels often allow their guests to specify their preferred mattress topper to tailor the mattress to their requirements. 


Who are medium-firm mattresses best for?

Sleep style 

Medium firm mattresses cover light, average, and heavier builds and can accommodate a range of sleep styles from side, stomach, and back. 


Medium firm is good for back sleepers because they offer pressure relief without the sinking feeling. 


Heavier builds place more pressure on the mattress, making it sink lower than someone lighter. So a thicker medium firm mattress is a suitable option.


Lighter builds may also find that a medium firm mattress can keep them well supported. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a medium-firm mattress?

- People who mostly sleep on their back and side may find that medium firm gives them the right support, if they are of average weight


- A medium firm mattress is a good compromise for couples who differ in weight. Men tend to be heavier, thus preferring a firmer mattress, whereas as women tend to be lighter, and find that firm can be too hard


- For smaller or very light people, medium firm may be too hard, and require a softer, more cushioning mattress topper


- For very heavy people, medium firm may be too soft and provide inadequate support 

How firm are Simba mattresses?

Our Hybrid® mattresses are medium firm. Over the years, we've built 100s of prototypes which confirmed that the mattress design that suits the most sleepers is a hybrid. 


A Simba Hybrid® is not just any hybrid. Our engineered mattresses involve technical layers of Aerocoil®, advanced Simbatex foam edge-to-edge and multi-zoned base support to provide gravity-defying cooling comfort. 

We are confident Simba mattresses are perfect for 95% of sleepers, and thousands of happy sleepers agree. The Hybrid® mattress range is designed to suit different budgets and to offer additional plushness and premium features as you go up the range.

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