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Simba Hybrid® Mattress named in The Which? top 50 products of 2020

Simba Hybrid® Mattress named in The Which? top 50 products of 2020

Simba Hybrid® Mattress named in The Which? top 50 products of 2020

Which? test thousands of diverse products every year, and picking 50 favourites is never easy. It’s hard to compare a TV to a toaster or a cordless vac to a car, which is why they did the democratic thing and asked everyone working at Which? HQ to vote on the top 10.


Which? researchers chose the most exceptional, innovative, unusual, environmentally friendly and best-value products of 2020 and based this list on their picks ahead of the final vote. Which? ended up with 50 wonderful devices, from £1,500 robot vacs to £160 fridges.


The list appeared first in the December 2020 issue of Which? magazine


The Simba Hybrid® mattress placed number 29 out 50, and was the only sleep product in the list.



The Simba Hybrid® mattress was given a Which? Best Buy in June 2020.  The Which? review notes:


"If you’re after a good night’s sleep, this mattress will give your spine excellent support if you sleep on your back and good support if you prefer to snooze on your front or side. It won’t sag over time, either."


Which? rate overall mattress performance by combining the results individual tests.


- How well the mattress keeps your body in a natural position when you're lying on your side or back and combine these into an overall body support score.


- How easy it is to roll over on the mattress


- How breathable it is – more breathable mattresses will not get damp with sweat.


- Measure stability to assess how much you'll notice the mattress moving when your partner turns on it - good mattresses are more stable.


Which? are not for profit and champion consumer protection.  Which? expert advice is completely impartial.  Same goes for product reviews – with rigorous testing to help consumers to make confident choices.

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