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How to stop a mattress from sliding

How to stop a mattress from sliding

How to stop a mattress from sliding

Having your mattress slip and slide around your bed frame will not, unsurprisingly, result in a good night’s sleep. Not only is it irritating, but it can be extremely disruptive when you’re trying to rest. But what is behind a mattress moving about like this, and what can you do to stop it? We’ll be going through the ins and outs of mattress sliding, and how to prevent it from happening.

Why Does A Mattress Slide?

Mattress sliding can be the result of one or many factors occurring at once. Here are some of the most common reasons that lead to unwanted mattresses movement.

Lack of Friction

Certain fabrics that a mattress is made of can lead to sliding, and can get more slippery with age. This makes it harder for it to stay in place.

Age Of Mattress

Body oils and sweat build up on a mattress over time, which can result in slippy film forming on the bottom. The older a mattress gets, the more the film spreads and the more prevalent it gets.

Incorrect Mattress Size

The combination of a too-small mattress and extra space on the base will inevitably result in mattress slippage. While fitting a too-large mattress on a smaller base may not lead to sliding, it will result in a bunched-up mattress that is difficult to get comfortable on. Rule of thumb here is to always match the size of your mattress to your bed frame.

Poor Support

An unsupportive, poorly constructed, or broken bed frame can result in a sliding mattress. This is commonly due to an uneven base, or off-centre slats. The base of a bed is integral to keeping the mattress in place. If any of it is crooked, the mattress is less likely to stay in place.

Bed Design

The design of a bed frame and base can impact how a mattress stays in place. If it does not have a headboard, or has a frame height that doesn’t contain the mattress, there’s a good chance that the mattress will move about.

How To Stop A Mattress From Sliding

Now we have covered the most common reasons why mattresses slide, let us take a look at some solutions. It’s understandable that you might want to try out a couple of options before changing your mattress. The good news is that many of these are relatively easy to do, even if they require a bit of elbow grease.

Pads and Grippers

Rubber matting like mattress pads or rug pad grippers are an easy solution to stop mattress sliding. These are made from grippy materials like rubber, and are placed between the mattress and the bed base. They are easy to put into place - all you need to check is that you’ve got the right size. If there is any doubt, you can always double up and put a couple together.

Velcro Tape and Strips

Velcro tape is an accessible solution to address mattress sliding. These are rolls of sticky tape that have connecting velcro sides. When placed together, they connect firmly.  To be used to reduce mattress movement, you will have to apply one side of the velcro tape to the base of the bed. This will involve cutting the tape to size. Then, you will have to place the corresponding side on the underside of your mattress. You’ll need to ensure that these two lines of tape line up and connect. Another alternative to use is carpet tape. This is not velcro-based, but works in a similar way.

Clean your Mattress

Keeping your mattress clean will remove the build up of body oil and sweat film that can form. Read our top tips on how to clean your mattress here.

Clean Your Bed Frame and Base

It’s not just a dirty mattress that can result in mattress slippage. A dusty bed frame - notably the base - can lead to unwanted movement. Dust bunnies - balls of dust - in particular can create an extra slippery surface. The best way to get rid of these is by vacuuming.

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