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How To Clean a Mattress in A Few Easy Steps

How To Clean a Mattress in A Few Easy Steps

How To Clean a Mattress in A Few Easy Steps

Mattress hygiene is important to consider - from how often to change your mattress to deciding whether your bed is a pet free zone. In fact, keeping your mattress clean is a key step in prolonging its life as well as maintaining an hygienic environment to sleep in - and if you’ve just found your perfect mattress, you’ll want to keep it as fresh as possible. First things first though, do use a mattress protector; it’s a protective barrier for the mattress, and is easy to wash.

For more tips on how to clean your mattress, as well as how to remove common mattress stains, read on.

The Mattress Cleaning Process

Cleaning your mattress may seem like quite a big task - the bigger the bed, the more daunting it can feel. It’s useful to have an action plan to go about it, as well as how regularly you should clean. Here’s how you can approach it.


However, before you do anything else, check the care instructions on the mattress. You’ll want to avoid anything that could damage your mattress. Likewise, there may be recommended products and processes to use. For instance, it’s not recommended to get memory foam wet.


A side note: we suggest cleaning the top side first, then flipping and doing the bottom side.

The Products You Will Need

  •  - Dry cleaning cloths or sponges
  •  - Mild laundry detergent or stain remover for upholstery
  •  - Cold water


You may want to use a vacuum cleaner for some of the steps listed below. However, this can accidentally damage the top of the mattress. If you’d like to use a vacuum cleaner, we recommend testing a small patch of your mattress first.

Prepping The Mattress

  •  - First of all ensure that all bed linen and cushions are removed from the bed. Now’s a good time to give them a wash too.

    •  - Once stripped, open the windows in your room to air the mattress out. This helps the fabric breathe, and can help with the removal of odours too.

      •  - Give your mattress a check over, and take note if there are any stains you need to focus on.

        •  - Dust your mattress top and the sides, with a dry duster, paying close attention to small crevices and nooks. Removing dust is particularly beneficial to people who have allergies.

          Spot Cleaning The Mattress

          •  - It’s time to focus on stains. Products you can use include dish soap, mild laundry detergent, or specialist stain removers for upholstery. Just double check that these remover products are suitable for your mattress.

            •  - Mix your cleaning product of choice with cold water, and apply onto a cloth. Then gently dab the cloth onto the stain. A handy trick is to start from the outside of the stain, then move inwards. This can help stop it from spreading.

              •  - It’s important not to get the mattress too wet during this process. This can cause water marks as well as encourage bacteria to grow. The aim is to lift up the stain, not rub it off.

                •  - After the stain has been removed, let it air dry before completing the next step. You can also use a dry cloth over the stain to help.

                  How To Steam Clean A Mattress

                  Using a garment steamer is another mattress cleaning option. It’s a notably effective way to kill dust mites. Once the mattress has been stripped, turn the steamer on and use it closely over the surface. You’ll want to keep a close eye so that it doesn’t drip, as this can leave stains. After this stage, ensure that the mattress is dry. Finally, use a dry cleaning cloth over the mattress. This will remove any mites or dust that have come to the surface.

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