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Head Down, Kit Off: Sleeping Naked Is When Rest Is Best

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Head Down, Kit Off: Sleeping Naked Is When Rest Is Best

Head Down, Kit Off: Sleeping Naked Is When Rest Is Best

We’re asleep for approximately a third of our lives, shifting the day around in our brain while the body re-energises. It’s a crucial time that deserves all the help it can get. And while here at Simba we’re experts in where you should rest, the question remains: what should you be wearing?

Whether you sleep in pants or pyjamas, have you ever considered ditching it all and sleeping in just your birthday suit? The case for sleeping naked is a persuasive one, so put your PJ’s to the back of the drawer and read on.

Maintain good body balance by regulating your temperature

Body temperature will fluctuate while you sleep, rising and dropping as you go through the sleep cycles. Clothes can interfere with your body’s natural regulation, getting in the way of chemical production that’s as important when you’re asleep as it is when you’re awake.

The big one is cortisol, a hormone that helps the body manage stress. Keeping a cool body temperature staves off anxiety problems, weight gain and muscle weakness.

Finally, ‘brown fat’ is something that sounds like it could be unhealthy. But producing more of it, which you’re prone to do by sleeping naked, will keep you burning calories through the night. Who knew there was a case for losing weight while sleeping?

Get up close and personal

If you’re sharing your sleep time with a partner and want to maintain a healthy relationship, sleeping naked can help on both a physical and psychological level. Skin on skin contact releases oxytocin, the lovingly nicknamed ‘cuddle hormone’, which is closely associated with empathy, love and relationship building, and has been a suggested treatment to social phobia, autism and postpartum depression. So, what are you waiting for? Get your kit off and get cuddling.

Protect your goods

Allowing your whole body to breathe while you sleep is important, particularly for those areas that don’t often see the light of day. For men, sleeping naked can keep a thriving sperm count. For women, cool temperatures can keep yeast infections at bay.  
Keeping your body in check and your partner happy, all while giving you a reason to wake up faster in the morning; who would have thought sleeping in the nude could be the answer to so many of life’s problems? Try it and see for yourself.

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