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Beauty Sleep and Skin

Beauty Sleep and Skin

Beauty Sleep and Skin

Beauty sleep and skin health

According to scientists, getting your regular eight hours can do wonders for your skin. That’s right - sleep and your skin health really are linked, and indulging in some proper shut-eye could even help you banish breakouts.

Wait, what is beauty sleep?

Good question - what does beauty sleep mean? You’ve probably heard your mum telling you to ‘get your beauty sleep’. The meaning behind it is that getting a good night’s kip will make you look healthier and, well, more beautiful. And it’s true. A study by scientists in Sweden proved that sleep deprivation has a noticeably negative effect on your appearance, to the extent that it makes people less likely to want to socialise with you. 

So, how exactly does beauty sleep improve your skin?

1. Sleep makes your skin glow

For you, heading to bed means switching off and relaxing. But for your body, it’s the equivalent of a working day. Because while you’re out for the count, your body is busy repairing your skin tissues and producing new cells; this happens in both the ‘deep’ and ‘REM’ stages of the sleep cycle. It’s also a prime time for detoxing and blood circulation, which prevents you waking up with a dull complexion; in fact sleep deprivation will result in a 60% decrease in detoxification according to a study by scientists in Sweden.   


2. More sleep means smoother skin

Collagen - the protein that gives our skin elasticity - is produced when we’re sleeping, so it’s no surprise that proper shut-eye is good for our skin. But that’s not all; quality sleep also helps you stay properly hydrated, so without it your skin may look dry. So you’ll literally look younger with more beauty sleep meaning you’ll have plumper, smoother skin.

3. Beauty sleep could prevent premature aging

In the short term, sleep deprivation will leave you looking tired, but long term it has much more permanent effects. At the deepest stage of sleep – during our delta sleep cycle - our growth-hormone levels are at their highest. These hormones are what your body needs to repair damaged tissues, including your skin. Without sleep these tissues remain damaged, which directly contributes to premature aging of the skin. A few nights of partying won’t do you any harm, but keep in tune with your body’s sleep cycle and make sure you get your ZZZs afterwards.  

4. Beauty sleep banishes dark circles

The reason you end up with dark circles after a bad night’s sleep is all to do with your blood vessels. When you miss out on sleep your blood vessels dilate, and because the skin under your eyes is so thin, it gives you those tell-tale shadows. Plus when you’re tired and trying to stay awake your cortisol levels increase to give you the energy you need to keep going; as this happens your blood vessels engorge to accommodate the heightened cortisol levels, including the ones beneath your eyes.  


So maintaining a healthy sleep routine really is the most natural way to banish the circles. Clock up your eight hours, and all you’ll need is the bushy tail. 


5. There’s a relationship between sleep and acne

Sleep helps to maintain your skin’s pH levels, so a lack of sleep can send them haywire. When your skin is imbalanced it becomes dehydrated, which in turn can cause redness or lead to breakouts.  

Incorporate a moisture rich night-cream into your routine and invest in a pillow that helps keep you cool cooling like our Hybrid® pillow, so that your skin doesn’t suffer from becoming too hot or dry, and consequently oily.  

How to get beauty sleep

The optimum way how you can get your beauty sleep means maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm (keeping a good sleep routine) by waking up and hitting the pillow at a regular time, preferably as soon as you’re tired.  


But how much beauty sleep do you need?

Everyone’s different, but generally you need between 7-9 hours sleep for your body to perform all the nightly repairs and mental processing that happens when we’re asleep and the skin is no different.  


  • It’s a good idea to wash your face thoroughly before you sleep, and treat specific spots with your favourite potions just before you get under the covers. Night time is the best time to treat your skin because during the day it may be covered in makeup, sweat or environmental dirt.


  • Remember to stay hydrated. Drinking a glass of water before bed is great for your skin (after all, you won’t be drinking anything for another eight hours!). but does mean you run the risk of a night-time bathroom trip. 


  • Lastly, make sure you’re sleeping comfortably. A good night’s sleep is great for your overall health as well as your skin, so make sure you invest in a quality mattress, and some cool, fresh bedding; Simba’saward-winning mattresses are engineered to provide the perfect night’s sleep, whatever your sleeping style 

Is beauty sleep real?

So if after reading this article you're still asking yourself whether beauty sleep is real, just remember a good restful sleep gives you a glow that’s better than any make-up.  

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