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Should you wear socks to bed?

Should you wear socks to bed?

Should you wear socks to bed?

The next time you’re struggling to fall asleep, why not try popping on a pair of socks and see if it makes a difference? While socks don’t score highly in the sexy hosiery stakes, they have a number of bedroom benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Is wearing socks in bed good for you? 

With the noticeable increase in energy bills, many of us will have turned the thermostat down during the winter. While sleeping in a cooler bedroom is better for you - with the optimum temperature considered to be around 18 degrees Celsius - if we’re too cold and can’t warm up quickly, it can be harder to fall asleep. 

Without turning up the heating or piling on the blankets, slipping on a pair of socks with our night clothes can make all the difference in how well we sleep. 


Body temperature and sleep?

Body temperature plays a big part in controlling our circadian rhythm. As we enter the initial non-REM sleep stage of the sleep cycle, our core temperature lowers. Being too hot or too cold can interfere with this process, making it harder to get to sleep. 


Is it okay to sleep with socks on?

You might be wondering if it's bad to wear socks to bed? Well, wearing socks when you sleep has some surprising benefits, as some studies have shown it can;


- Increase distal vasodilation - which sends the blood to the feet, lowering the core body temperature

- Help you sleep for longer

- Reduce insomnia

- Reduce the onset of menopausal hot flushes

- Reduce the symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome (which restricts the small arteries)

- When paired with a slathering of moisturiser, socks can help soften dry or cracked feet 

- Boost your sex life - an interesting study from the University of Groningen showed that cold feet can impede the ability to orgasm. Of the cohort who wore socks, 80% were able to achieve orgasm, versus 50% in the same conditions without socks. 


Who should avoid wearing socks in bed? 

Is it bad to wear socks to bed? Anyone with circulatory issues, those suffering from swollen feet or particularly sweaty feet, should avoid sleeping with socks on.  


What kind of socks are best to sleep in? 

You don’t need to rush out and buy new sleeping socks unless your current selection is synthetic. Fluffy socks might feel great - but check the label first. Polyester, nylon, and acrylic are synthetic fibres which can be hotter, sweatier, and smellier than their natural counterparts. Natural fibres such as wool, bamboo, and cotton have better thermo-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. 


- Bed socks: bed socks tend to have a roomier fit and a thicker material than regular socks.

- Pure cotton socks: this natural fibre allows the heat to build up and disperse without trapping moisture and encouraging bacteria.

- Cashmere and merino socks: the softest types of wool arguably make the cosiest bed socks.


    What are some alternatives to wearing socks in bed?

    The main function of bed socks is to warm the feet which can also be done in the following ways;


    - Have a bath, shower, or a foot bath to gently warm the feet (add a drop of aromatherapy oil for extra relaxation)

    - Don’t go barefoot - wear slippers around the house to keep your feet feeling toasty

    - Place a hot water bottle or a heating pad under the duvet to preheat the bottom of the bed

    - Add an extra blanket to cover the end of the bed (the Orbit™ weighted blanket is particularly snuggly and helps with restless legs)

    - Ask your partner for a foot massage - and expect to return the favour 

    - Simba duvets use advanced Stratos® technology which helps retain heat when you’re cold and releases heat when you’re too warm 


    Looking for more tips on how to relax for bed? By using the Simba Sleep Coach to track your sleep habits, you may even see the difference sock wearing or foot warming makes to your sleep routine. 

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