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news  |  educational, product, science

Three Surprising Benefits of a Mattress Protector

news  |  educational, product, science

Three Surprising Benefits of a Mattress Protector

Three Surprising Benefits of a Mattress Protector

In the world of sleep, the mattress protector is often either overlooked or mistaken for a topper. Let us set the record straight: a topper is used to supplement the comfort of your mattress or address its limitations. A high-quality mattress protector is geared to enhance your sleep experience through thermoregulation, comfort and hygiene.

If you don’t have one, what you’re about to learn should drive you to invest in one.

A mattress protector keeps your sleep environment hygienic

Keeping your sleep environment hygienic is essential. For those prone to allergies and ailments such as eczema and asthma, which are aggravated by house dust mites, this is even more important. Studies have found that as many as 1 million microscopic mites can happily make a home in your bed.

It was to combat this problem that we designed our new Mattress Protector. Through extensive research, we found that using a fitted, waterproof mattress protector was one of the most effective way to ensure your sleep environment is protected and clean. Dust mites struggle to live on a waterproof mattress protector as it stops any moisture getting into the mattress, without which mould and bacteria which dust mites need, can't grow. Put yours on a hot wash with your bedding every week for maximum effect.

It prolongs the quality of your mattress

Have you seen brownish patches on an unprotected mattress or pillow before? They’re caused by the salts and minerals in perspiration, discolouring the material as it dries out. Throughout the night our bodies temperature can fluctuate between 1-2 degrees Celsius. This combined with tossing and turning or any ailments can see an adult lose up to 1 litre of water a night. If you use a standard sheet between you and the mattress then these fluids will pass through to the surface of the mattress causing it to stain.

The Simba Mattress Protector’s polyurethane waterproof layer acts as a barrier between your nighttime excretions and your mattress, prolonging its life and quality.

It enhances the comfort of your mattress

Your protector can be the perfect extra layer for your mattress, enhancing its performance.

Buying a mattress protector based on price is not recommended as cheaper protectors are usually made from polyester, which is not breathable and compromises the benefits of the mattress. That is why we created our Mattress Protector using 100% cotton, a soft, breathable and natural alternative.

If you’re a Simba Hybrid Mattress owner, the layer of Simbatex, which has been scientifically engineered to keep you cool, will be complimented by a cotton protector. This cotton layer creates airflow between the 5 layers eventually releasing it from your Simba, keeping you cool. To top it off, we’ve made sure that the Simba Mattress Protector is OEKO TEX 100 certified, so it contains no harmful chemicals.

The perfect night’s sleep awaits you.

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