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Sleep in Your Thirties

Sleep in Your Thirties

Sleep in Your Thirties

Sleep in your thirties


So, your twenties are over (phew, that was exhausting) and forty is still a few years away. But it’s not time to relax yet. Some might say that this is the most tumultuous decade of life, as this is the time that many people start families, get really settled into their career, think about buying property, or just generally get themselves on track.


Getting great quality sleep in our thirties is one of the best things we can do for our health (both now and for the future), so make sure you’re getting that all-important shut-eye whenever you can.


How much sleep you need in your thirties


Your sleeping pattern is probably well established now you’re thirty, and it will be increasingly harder to shake your bad habits (although on the plus side, your good habits are more likely to stick, too). You should know roughly how much sleep you personally need by now - we bet you’ve experienced a few all-nighters and suffered the consequences.


Just like in your twenties, when you’re in your thirties you should realistically aim for between seven and nine hours of sleep. Unlike the previous decade, however, your body will be less forgiving when you get by on just a few hours. Similarly, sleeping for too long might leave you feeling groggy and even more tired (yep, it’s a thing). Go to bed at a reasonable hour (read: before midnight) and set an alarm, and you’ll be fine.



How your sleep changes in your thirties


The way we sleep evolves as we age, but you’re most likely to start noticing those changes in your thirties. 


Lighter sleep


In our thirties we start experiencing less REM (or ‘deep’) sleep, and have more ‘light’ sleep instead. That means there’s a higher chance of feeling restless, waking up during the night, and feeling tired in the morning.



Juggling commitments is harder


Many people in their thirties are still doing large amounts of socialising, but it might hit harder due to juggling other commitments like work and family. Some people feel it more keenly than others (it’s all down to your biology), but even if you feel fine with the juggling act, we recommend you take it easy and give yourself a few nights off.




Big life changes, which often happen in your thirties, will make a difference here too. Pregnant women are likely to experience completely new sleep problems, even having experienced none in the past. (Some experts say that up to 80% of women experience new sleep-related problems during pregnancy). This is mostly due to fluctuating hormones and physical discomfort - after all, having a baby is hard work.


Sleep apnea


Men have it easier on the pregnancy front, but those who are going to develop disorders like sleep apnea tend to do so in their thirties. This can keep them and their partner awake, so if it’s a noticeable problem, chat to your GP.


Sleeping tips for 30-40 year olds


As always, you know what works best for you. But if you want to develop better sleeping habits before your forties, try some of these tips:


- Establish a good sleep routine by ditching late-night tech, setting a sensible (but not restrictive) bedtime, and setting an alarm (yep, even at the weekend if you can stand it). You can read more about sleep hygiene here.


- Make your bedroom a safe haven that helps you feel relaxed and puts you in the mood for a great night under the covers. Check out our guide to creating a safe haven here.


- If you enjoy aromatherapy, this is a great time to start experimenting with natural sleep aids. They don’t work for everyone, but many people find things like lavender oil very relaxing. Read more about aromatherapy here.


And if you’re looking for a little extra help nodding off, sleeping on one of our hybrid mattresses could be a total game changer. (We like to put our money where our mouth is - that’s why you can try your mattress for 200 nights, then send it back if you’re not happy!)


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