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Creating Your Safe Haven

Creating Your Safe Haven

Nowadays the bedroom is for living not just sleeping. It’s the one place you can completely relax at the end of a hard day or chill out in whatever the time. With that in mind we have put together a list of simple, thought provoking ideas that can really make your bedroom a personal sanctuary. So whether you're looking for some colour inspiration or considering new furniture to help with the 'Feng Shui', we’ve got it covered.

  1. Keep it tidy and avoid clutter

We don’t mean to sound like your mother but a messy and cluttered room is not a calming one. Anything unnecessary on show just adds to the disorder and gives your room the impression it’s dirty, even if it’s not. Pack anything work related out of sight as this can easily make you stressed. Vintage style crates, draws, wardrobes and well decorated storage boxes are great for ensuring that organising your space is effortless. Bookcases are ideal for keeping a large amount of items which, when paired with ornaments and feature shelves, can be decorative too.

Declutter by throwing away any rubbish lying around. If need be plan a spring clean so the room is ready to be transformed into a sanctuary. If you need a bit of motivation, download the home spring cleaning app to get you going. You'll feel much more relaxed for it.

  1. Invest in good quality bedding

It’s not about getting out of the right side of the bed in the morning that counts, it’s actually the bed itself. In fact, there’s a lot that you can do which will transform your bedroom from the place you sleep and surf the net to somewhere calming and tranquil or more importantly somewhere you love spending time.

Invest in some good quality bed linen and comfy duvets to create the ultimate cosy experience. We suggest you have several variations you love as nothing feels better than climbing into fresh, crisp sheets.

  1. Create ways to hide the tech

Now this is a topic to really divide opinion. In the modern world, technology has become second nature to us all yet it can easily keep you up at night. Laptops, phones and large televisions have their place in the bedroom, but you need to know how to escape them at the right time. Try storing these items away from view to ensure that standby lights and the temptation of the Facebook news feed do not distract you.

A sleek i-Pod docking speaker from Bose is ideal for offering bold sounds whilst being an unobtrusive addition to your furniture.

  1. Don’t ignore the décor

The way you decorate your room has a huge effect. The décor you pick should have echoes of your personality. Seductive red shades offer a more passionate appeal whereas neutral palettes will deliver a more tranquil atmosphere. Whatever décor you opt for, it should follow a general theme and colour. This will avoid any clashes which will divert attention for all of the wrong reasons.

  1. Get Sensual

Engage your senses! This is the most intrinsic room in your living space and it’s a place that will see you in your purest form. So make sure you actually feel something when you enter it. Natural aromas from candles, diffusers and essential oils will help ease your tension and give a fresher feel to the area. Invitingly soft bed linen is a must for relaxation purposes whereas the disparity of a hard wooden desk gives a proactive approach for the daytime.

  1. Set the mood with the right lighting

Lighting is incredibly important for ensuring your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary. During the day, you should encourage as much natural light as possible whereas a warm ambient glow from a lamp fixture is ideal for after-dark use. It’s also important to keep your bedroom as dark as possible when you sleep, be sure to use blackout curtains if you live near any streetlights.

Consider mood lighting and dimmer switches to create the right ambiance at different times of the day. Why not buy a couple of lamps or even fairy lights to give that cosy glow, letting you unwind in a peaceful setting. The Glow Company has a huge range of lighting features in all colours to suit your mood.

  1. Keep it personal

This is your room; it’s important that this is not forgotten. No matter how stylish or appealing the décor may be, you will not feel entirely relaxed if it does not feel like it’s yours. We’re not suggesting you plaster the walls with pictures from the family photo album, this is more about the finishing touches that will give the room an emotional connection. Whether it’s a souvenir that you’ve acquired over time, a painting from your favourite artist or a splash of distinct individuality, your room should resonate who you are.

Tailor your bedroom as you would any other part of your living space. You may enjoy watching movies with your partner or reading a bedtime story to the kids. No matter your activities, make sure your bedroom is accommodating. For example, if you love watching Netflix with your other half then think about how your bedroom could double up as a home theatre. You could decide to go all out with a freestanding popcorn machine and chairs with built in cup holders. On the flipside perhaps just ensuring complete comfort is the right way for you to go. Either way, keeping it personal, accommodating your needs is what’s important.

  1. Be practical

It’s great to keep your bedroom tidy until you’re too tidy you can’t find anything. Hiding your technology sounds like a good idea but if you rely on the alarm on your phone then it could be problematic. Your bedroom is only your safe haven if you are comfortable living in it. Part of this is ensuring that it fits around your daily routine. Before you make any style or storage choices, you should always consider the practicality of the outcome.

  1. Make sure you style it just right

Freshen up your bedroom with a lick of paint and a calming colour scheme. Whether you'd like a touch of pastel blue or a whole wall in spring green, you can create an exciting hideaway. The Dulux MixLab at Homebase can find a colour to match any item!

Try bringing in some extra seating like a small sofa or bench to add more space to relax. A lounge chair ('chaise longue') could bring a touch of glamour and luxury to the boudoir, making it an inviting haven to come home to.

Shop around for interesting artwork and pieces that reflect your mood and character. Sometimes a simple painting is all you need to transform a room. Find thousands of affordable and unique, homemade designs on Etsy.  

  1. The mattress makes the room – Make sure yours is a mattress for life

You can tick off every item on this list and still not make the bedroom your personal retreat. The quality of sleep you get should be the priority. Ditch the lumpy, uncomfortable mattress and try a modern, memory foam and spring mattress.

When looking for a mattress you should always consider a company that combines experience with innovative technological developments. Here at Simba we believe we’ve done just that. A five layered design mattress with breathable hypoallergenic surface that controls temperature and provides the highest level of comfort. A unique 2,000 spring design paired with Visco memory foam moulds to the contours of your body to ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. The Simba Sleep mattress will give the finishing touch that transforms your bedroom into your sanctuary. Warning: You'll feel so relaxed you may just fall asleep!

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