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How much for a used mattress?

How much for a used mattress?

How much for a used mattress?

Need to offload a used mattress? Or looking to replace one for less? With rising bills and prices, more people are looking to recoup some cash for their perfectly good second-hand items, and more people are willing to pay for them. 

Given that the average mattress will be replaced every 8-10 years, the number of second-hand mattresses looking for a new home is huge. 

Is it worth selling your used mattress?

There is a growing market for second-hand mattresses, especially for sustainable and price conscious shoppers, and multiple resale platforms that will help you find a buyer. It’s easier to find a taker for a fresh and clean mattress - so give yours a spruce up and find out how to clean your mattress here

What is a used mattress worth? 

Unless it’s new, with tags, expect to take a hit on the original retail price of your mattress. Much like a car loses value as soon as it’s driven off the forecourt, due to hygiene issues and fire and safety regulations, a new mattress will depreciate fairly quickly. When setting a price for your used mattress, consider the following;

- How old is it? (The newer the better)

- How often was it used? (Spare room or master bedroom, or quickly outgrown like a toddler bed)

- How worn or used does it look?

- What brand or make is it?

- Can you offer free delivery or any other perks, like a free mattress topper?

- If little interest, be ready to drop the price further

Is it safe to buy a used mattress? 

It’s worth remembering that in hotels and holiday rentals, we often give little thought to sleeping on a mattress that many others have slept on. However, there are some reasons to be cautious about buying a used mattress. 

Lack of warranty, guarantee or return policy 

With an individual seller, and without a solid proof of purchase from a retailer, it’s unlikely that a used mattress will come with any form of guarantee or warranty. 

Shorter lifespan

A mattress can last between 6 to 16 years, with 8 to 10 years the average replacement time. Bear in mind that a used mattress already has some miles on the clock, which means it won’t last as long as its new equivalent. 

Hidden damage

Not all sellers have your best interests at heart and may be keen to cover up a hidden defect or fault, even if a used mattress looks fine. 

Outdated materials and construction

Mattress tech is evolving like any other product, and at Simba, we are constantly upgrading our materials to make them more thermo-regulating, organic, sustainable, or recyclable, and re-engineering our mattresses with the latest innovations. A mattress that is over ten years old, even if barely slept on, will be made with outdated foam or coil technology. 

Health risks

Given the close bodily contact and the fact you can’t pop a mattress in the washing machine, you should thoroughly sanitise a used mattress before sleeping on it. 

Using an anti-bacterial spray, giving it a thorough vacuum, and leaving it to air in direct sunlight will kill any lurking microbes or germs. Anyone with asthma or allergies could find that an older, dustier, or mouldy mattress could make their symptoms worse at night. 

Don’t buy second-hand, buy Simba refurbished 

Our certified, planet friendly refurbished range gives you all the benefits of our engineered, award-winning mattresses - at a wallet friendly price. We rigorously test and inspect all our returned mattresses to ensure the quality and function of every product. 

Any component part that is no longer up to standard is replaced, like-for-like with authentic Simba parts, and we thoroughly clean and sanitise every element - inside and out - until it is as good as new. With a choice of refurbished foam and Hybrid® models across the range, from Essential to Hybrid® Luxe, you can enjoy a more sustainable sleep and save up to 60% on the original retail price. 

Can’t shift your used mattress? Here are the best ways to get rid of an old mattress.

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