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Buying a mattress online

Buying a mattress online

Buying a mattress online

A decent quality mattress will still need to be replaced, on average, every 8-10 years. Before you start shopping, it’s good to review the five things to consider before buying a mattress - and before you head to the nearest showroom, buying a mattress online has a number of benefits that are worth considering. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a mattress online?


- You can compare many different makes and models at the same time.


- You can research your next purchase outside of retail hours and browse without going anywhere 


- It’s easier to find the best price, especially with online deals like Black Friday


- Online bed retailers usually offer free delivery, used mattress removal, and free returns 


- You can read genuine reviews from customers


- You can visit a showroom for research and purchase online later


- Without the overheads of sales staff and retail space, online retailers can sell mattresses for less


- Simba offer a risk free, 200-night trial, so you can shop with confidence



- In a retail outlet, you can touch, feel, and lie on a wide selection of mattresses in one sitting.


- There’s no break-in period with a bricks-and-mortar mattress — most online brands roll their products into a box, so that the mattress arrives compressed and can need up to 48 hours to allow the mattress to expand after unwrapping


- No independent sales assistant on-hand to advise you on your purchase


- Unauthorised sellers - third-party retailers may not be authorised to sell certain brands, which will effect the manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee


- You have to purchase the mattress to try it out. This might be more daunting for first time buyers. Simba offer a risk free, 200-night trial, and free returns so you can get the full experience without the worry 


What are the price ranges for mattresses of different sizes? 

Mattresses are made in standard sizes in the UK. On the Continent, these are slightly different, so we also carry European sizes. A single mattress will be the cheapest in the range, with the largest - king or super king - carrying the highest price tag. 


Refurbished mattresses as a cheaper alternative?

Buying a refurbished mattress from a reputable supplier can help you save money without compromising on quality. Our refurbished range is subject to rigorous testing and hygiene standards so that it will be as good as new, to you. 


How to make good use of a sleep trial?

A mattress trial, sleep trial, or at-home trial, all mean the same thing - you can purchase the mattress and use it for a limited number of nights to ensure you’ve made the right decision. 


Make a note of the trial length - as these can vary between brands and retailers and can last from 30 days to a full year. Compare the return process and return fees so you don’t get stung or miss the crucial deadline. 


A sleep tracking app like the Simba Sleep Coach, may give you some further insight into how your new mattress is performing. 


Our generous 200-night trial applies to all new Simba mattresses, bed bases, and toppers. Simply put, it means you can return it for any reason within 200 nights from delivery - and phew, you don’t need to get it back in the original box.


We want you to experience the perfect night’s sleep, so you don't need to keep the mattress wrapped in the plastic cover. Just use like you normally would and dispose of the packaging. For refurbished mattresses, the trial period is shorter, at 30 nights. 


Need to return it? Once the return is booked, we'll send a courier over to collect the mattress from your home and recycle, refurbish, or donate it as sustainably as possible to reduce waste. 


You'll receive a full refund on the item or, if you paid using instalments, any payments made up until that time (plus the agreement is cancelled for you). 


Returns are free, but any premium delivery charges will not be refunded. If you've taken advantage of one of our promotions, please take a look at the T&Cs as this may impact your refund.

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