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Bed & Mattress Size Guide

Bed & Mattress Size Guide

Bed & Mattress Size Guide

The first place to start when looking for a new mattress is knowing the right size to go with your bed frame. But with so many sizes available, it can feel a little daunting knowing which one will actually fit. This guide goes through everything you need to know about different mattress sizes, including their dimensions, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Choosing The Right Size Mattress For Your Bed

When selecting a mattress for your bed, getting the measurements right is key. This is particularly important if you are purchasing your individual bed frame and mattress. You’ll also want to ensure that the mattress gives you the space you want, and is the right size for the room it’s going in. A few additional centimetres can make a real difference to how comfortable you feel at night.

Mattress Sizes


As previously mentioned, there are a wide range of mattress sizes available. This includes UK and European sizes, the latter being a little larger than the former. Both of these types of mattresses are made to set standard sizes. As such, there should be very little variation in length and width across them. However, height may vary with different models.

Single Mattress Dimensions

UK single bed mattress typically measures 90cm (width) x 190cm (length). These types of mattresses are great for older children, as well as smaller bedrooms. These are also the same sized mattresses used in standard sized bunk beds.

Small Double Mattress Dimensions

A standard UK small double mattress measures 120cm (width) x 190cm (length). This is a great option for teenagers, and anyone who would like a double mattress but has limited space.

Double Mattress Dimensions

UK double mattresses have the standard measurements of 135cm (width) x 190cm (length). This mattress is a popular choice - it’s suitable for a wide range of room sizes and can comfortably sleep two people.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

UK king size mattresses measure 150cm (width) x 200cm (length). This is the next step up from the double mattress, being both wider and longer. If you have a large bedroom and are looking for extra space in bed, this is a great mattress to go for.


Super King Size Mattress Dimensions

UK super king size mattresses measure 180cm (width) x 200cm (length), and are the largest mattresses we offer. This luxuriously roomy mattress is ideal if you and your partner like plenty of space to spread out when you sleep (or you have night time visits from pets or little ones).


Kids Mattress Dimensions

Kids mattresses typically measure 70cm (width) x 140cm (length). These are much narrower than standard UK single mattress. This makes them suitable for younger children who require a smaller mattress and bed.

European Single Mattress Dimensions