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Designed to last

Through babyhood and beyond

The Hybrid® Cot Bed Mattress has a double-sided design. We've added helpful Firmer/Softer labels to each side of the mattress so you'll always know which side is which.

Baby Side

FIRMER for 0-12 months

Newborns and babies need firmer support; their bones are still soft, so it’s important they lie flat and straight – hence the firmer Baby side of our mattress.

Toddler Side

SOFTER for 1-3 years

As babies grow into toddlers and their body shapes change, they need more responsive, cushioned comfort. Flip the mattress to the softer side, to ensure safe, comfortable sleep for toddlers up to 3 years.

  • Baby Side
    Soft knitted outer
  • Water-resistant inner lining
  • Thick layer of firm Simba Renew ™
  • Toddler Side
    Responsive Aerocoil® spring layer
  • Medium layer of Simba Renew ™
  • Cushioning layer of  Simba Renew ™
  • Water-resistant inner lining  
  • Soft knitted outer

Eight layers of engineered comfort. 

Eight layers? Yes. And every single one has a part to play in helping your little one sleep better.

Soft knitted outer

Removable outer cover suitable for machine washing.

5Ingenious things about the Simba Cot Bed Mattress

Here’s a taste of the ingenious tech and design we use to make sure your baby sleeps like, well, a baby.

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For longer-lasting use

Our cot bed mattress is designed to provide the firm sleep surface recommended for new-borns, but thanks to our double-sided design it also offers growing toddlers the comfort and support they need too.

New-borns and babies up to 12 months old need firmer support; their bones are still relatively soft, so it’s important they lie flat and straight – hence the firmer Baby side of our mattress. But as your baby grows and their body shape changes, they need more responsive, cushioned comfort. This is the point when you flip the mattress over to the softer side, to ensure super-comfortable sleep for toddlers up to 3-4 years (and don’t worry, we’ve added a label to both the lining and the cover, to tell you which side is which).

For older children of 3 or 4 years we advise moving on to a Simba Kids Mattress or a Simba Hybrid Single Mattress to maximise support and comfort.

Renew ™

Comfort. For all ages

Simba Renew ™ is a soft, material offering superb comfort; it’s made from recycled fibres, gently combed into airy layers that allow plenty of airflow.

We use three comfort layers of ingenious Simba Renew ™ in our cot bed mattress – but in three different densities to achieve the correct levels of firmness for new-borns, babies, and toddlers: a firmer upper layer on the Baby side provides the flat support required for babies up to 12 months, boosted by another medium-firm layer nearer the mattress core; a softer, comfort layer on the Toddler side helps ensure your child is gently cushioned as they grow.

Cot bed mattress springs

The Aerocoil®

Steady as they grow

Our patented Aerocoil® springs are key to the Toddler side of our cot bed mattress. These individually pocketed, high carbon steel micro springs lie at the heart of Simba’s innovative tech; tiny enough to nestle unnoticed in the mattress, they’re designed to offer responsive support to your child’s changing, growing shape. They also allow fresh air to flow freely into and through the mattress.

We’ve added these sleeping beauties to our cot bed mattress in a pattern of alternating softer and firmer springs; this provides the super responsive support small children need, both as they move around in the night and as they grow. This is matched by a border of firmer springs around the sides to prevent dipping and rolling at the edge, providing stability as your child plays or stands up.

Cot mattress lifestyle image

In safer hands
with Simba

Mattress expertise

Our cot bed mattress is certified to BS EN 16890, meeting all required safety regulations such as the correct flatness and firmness of the sleep surface, and the consistency of fit. But we’ve also brought our unique expertise to this design - because having earned 300,000+ five-star reviews* we think we know a thing or two about what makes a comfortable mattress.

This specialist knowledge underpins the whole design; we’ve created a water-resistant inner lining that keeps the mattress core dry but also supportsbreathability and prevents pooling of fluids. We’ve used polyester fibres in the mattress cover because they’re renowned for their breathability, moisture resistance, and anti-microbial properties.

All that, and it’s also hand assembled by skilled experts right here in the UK.

A sustainable

Your baby deserves a cleaner world.

Which is why we use the supremely comfortable Simba Renew ™ in our cot bed mattress; it’s an innovative material derived from recycled plastic fibres rendered spick, span and super-soft for the benefit of your little one.

And since refurbishment isn’t appropriate at end of life, we’ve designed our cot bed mattress to be totally foam and glue-free, so it’s easily recycled. All you need to do is pop it in the car and take it to your local recycling centre. No costly council collections. No landfill.

What better lullaby could there be? Find out more

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"I am very impressed with this mattress. I love that it is two-sided and can be used for babies and toddlers.”

Why you can rest easy with Simba...

We're experts in the science of sleep, and over a million customers have already trusted us to help them sleep better.   



    We have 300,000+ five-star reviews, and we’re the most five star rated mattress brand in the world*. We’ve also won over 60 sleep industry awards.

  • A Proud British Company

    A Proud British Company

    Simba mattresses are designed and made in the UK, creating local jobs wherever we can.

  • Expert Sleep Engineers

    Expert Sleep Engineers

    Using the 10 million+ body profiles, our mattresses have been designed by experts to suit every sleep style and body type.

  • Simba Service Promise

    Simba Service Promise

    We offer free delivery and returns, with a 2-year guarantee. You can also shop with 0% finance over 12 months, or make monthly payments over up to 5 years (subject to lender terms).

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