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How To Build A Good Bedtime Routine For Adults

How To Build A Good Bedtime Routine For Adults

How To Build A Good Bedtime Routine For Adults

A proper wind-down routine before we go to bed sets us up for a better night’s sleep. As adults, we may think these are just for children, however, people of all ages can benefit from a bedtime routine.

Why Are Bedtime Routines Important?

A good bedtime routine for adults can help establish patterns and cues for our brain and bodies to recognise and prepare us for sleep. The aim is to minimise late nights, and calm the nervous system in preparation for deeper sleep - by reducing stress, anxiety and stimulation that can keep us awake or in a fitful sleep. 


Simba’s free Sleep Coaching app can help you establish a healthier bedtime routine using prompts, alerts, and personalised tips. By tracking your nocturnal habits, the app will guide you to a more restful sleep and a more productive sleep cycle. 


What Is A Bedtime Routine?

A daily bedtime routine is a repetitive sequence of actions that can help create the optimum environment for the best night’s sleep.

A good bedtime routine for adults will probably feature the following;

Set a regular bedtime

Most of us need time to wind down before we can get to sleep. Having a fixed bedtime, even at weekends, trains the brain to start to feel sleepy in preparation.

Create a screen-free zone 

The blue light emitted from our devices stimulates the brain and suppresses melatonin production - the sleep-inducing hormone. Late night scrolling or streaming can keep us awake longer than we would like to from the additional stimulation. To avoid temptation, it’s best not to put a TV in the bedroom, and to use an old-fashioned alarm clock over a smartphone. 

If you can’t sleep without your phone nearby, you can use the screen limit function to set controls on your social media use, and set your phone to airplane mode or ‘do not disturb’ to avoid the ping from notifications and alerts. 

Take a warm bath 

A great way to start a bedtime routine is to take a warm bath or shower can often leave us feeling sleepy. As part of the sleep-wake cycle, our body responds to melatonin production and a drop in the core body temperature. A bath will heat the body, which will then cool as you dry off, encouraging a sleepy sensation. Aromatherapy bath oils or shower gels can also induce feelings of relaxation. Read our guide on sleep hygiene for more information.

Read a book 

Many people find reading helps them fall asleep, a practice that usually begins in childhood with a bedtime story. It’s easy to download e-books but it’s still more sleep-inducing to read them in the traditional paper format. 

Prep your sleep zone

Remove distractions and potential disturbances from your sleep space. If you’re sensitive to light, it pays to have properly lined curtains or black out blinds to keep the light out. It’s good to keep clutter and mess to a minimum to reduce feelings of stress. Clean sheets always feel nicer than ones that have been slept in for a few days, as well as climbing onto your mattress and getting into a bed that is made - so put it on your morning to-do list. Keep an eye on the bedroom temperature, as a slightly cooler room encourages more comfortable sleep. 

Listen to music, meditation or white noise

Zoning out to music, white noise, or a meditation app can all help us to drift off to the land of nod. 

Snuggle up under a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets have been shown to encourage rest and relaxation. The Simba Orbit™ Weighted Blanket uses the comforting weight of nano-beads to ease away feelings of restlessness and invite a deeper sleep. 

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