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What Is The Best Sleeping Position?

What Is The Best Sleeping Position?

What Is The Best Sleeping Position?

What is the best sleeping position?

The best position to sleep is individual to you. Current health conditions, pain, pregnancy or wellbeing goals are important factors. And, while switching your default position might be unachievable overnight, it can definitely be worth trying out and persevering with.

Different types of sleeping positions

The different types of sleeping positions have merits and pitfalls. Start with a body scan of your underlying health conditions - back or shoulder pain? Indigestion? Snoring? Expecting a baby? You might need to swap to find your best position.  


BACK versus SIDE versus STOMACH sleeping - If you’re wondering which side you should sleep on or what the correct sleeping position is for you, we’ll take you through the pros and cons; 


Benefits of sleeping on your back

  •  - The best position to sleep iBenefits of sleeping on your backn if you suffer from back pain - distributes weight easily and keeps your spine aligned
  •  - Relieves tension headache and sinus build up
  •  - Beauty benefits: may reduce facial creasing, breakouts and fine lines 

Disadvantages of sleeping on your back

  •  - Snoring
  •  - It can make sleep apnea worse
  •  - Increased chance of acid reflux. Lying flat on your back acid can escape from your stomach and flow freely into your oesophagus

Benefits of sleeping on your side

  •  - If you’re prone to snoring, try your side
  •  - Data reveals that the best sleeping position in the third trimester is on the left side, with your legs slightly tucked up toward your chin. This position helps improve blood flow
  •  - Legs stretched rather than the foetal position are better for spinal alignment. Help align your spine, hips, and pelvis by placing a thin pillow between your legs 
  •  - Side sleeping may keep you sharper and reduce your dementia risk. By-products of the brain’s activities are flushed away during sleep via cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. The brain waste includes beta amyloid, a substance found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Research from the University of Rochester Medical Centre (URMC) found that this waste clearance system works best when people sleep on their side, particularly the right side


Left can be best for digestion - data shows sufferers of indigestion and heartburn who slept on the right experienced more instances than when on their left side

Disadvantages of sleeping on your side

  •  - Sleeping on your side with your legs curled in the foetal position, reduces spinal alignment for the neck and shoulders. Uneven weight distribution can lead to back pain 
  •  - Studies have indicated that the position of the heart shifts due to the gravitational pull, when people sleep on their left. For people with underlying heart issues, this can cause discomfort. Try swapping to your right
  •  - Can increase your risk of shoulder pain

Benefits of sleeping on your stomach

  •  - Your airway is naturally open, so can help minimise risk of snoring and sleep apnea

Disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach

  •  - The worst position for spinal alignment - it flattens the natural curve of your back and can cause back, neck, joint and shoulder pain 
  •  - It relies on your twisting your neck to the side to breathe

What is the healthiest position to sleep?

In conclusion, the healthiest position to sleep in lies in getting the right balance between all of the above variables. Your sleep position you choose can make a difference to how you feel in the morning - but one of the most important things is the quality of sleep you receive. 

We think we can help with that. Simba mattresses have already helped over 1 million UK sleepers get their best night’s sleep ever. From our unique titanium micro springs to our cooling, open cell foam, our ground-breaking mattress technology is engineered to keep you perfectly cool and cushioned, all night long.

How to change sleeping position

Use a pillow to train your body to stay in your new preferred spot. With adjustable height and firmness and space-inspired temperature regulation, the Simba Hybrid pillow can keep you on your quest for ultimate alignment. Expect sleep that's out of this world. Check out our pillows here.

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