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Simba Sleep Moves from the Bedroom to the Beach

experts news  |  behind the scenes, campaign, fun, product

Simba Sleep Moves from the Bedroom to the Beach

Simba Sleep Moves from the Bedroom to the Beach

We are excited to announce a bold new partnership with renowned Blue Marlin Ibiza. Located in the beautiful Cala Jondal Bay, the restaurant and beach club draws in a cosmopolitan crowd and is known for being one of the most prestigious venues in the world.

This collaboration sees over 200 precision-engineered Simba Beach-Hybrid mattresses hit the sandy shores of the bay; taking over the club’s seaside beach beds. Each innovative Beach-Hybrid is designed to provide the ultimate comfort for guests. The design was based on the advanced technology found in our original Simba Hybrid mattress; fusing multiple layers of responsive memory foam with a unique combination of 2,500 conical pocket springs.



The Simba Blue Sun Lounger

To celebrate the launch, Simba has also unveiled a preview of it’s new and unique sun lounger prototype, the Simba Blue.

After seven months of analysing consumer beachside behaviours across Europe, the ultimate sunbathing technology was born. It was designed between teams in London and Helsinki with premium-grade materials sourced from France, Amsterdam, Belgium and Sweden.



The Sun Lounger boasts a motorised parasol that allows you to control whether you are under sun or shade throughout the day.  It also features an SPF-infused facial misting system enriched with thermal spring water, aloe, bamboo and rosewater to hydrate your skin while leaving it shine-free.

For any bathers particularly conscious of harmful rays, the Simba Blue houses revolutionary technology which tracks your exposure and measures UV rays. This connects to an app that monitors your vitamin D levels and provides sun damage alerts specific to your skin type.

Additionally the Simba Blue features a solar-powered phone charger, a WIFI hotspot, a safe, a beverage cooler and an ambient LED parasol system, emitting a sleep-inducing shade of amber in the evening.



These features combined with Simba’s unique hybrid mattress technology makes the Simba Blue Sun Lounger the ultimate luxury sunbathing experience.

It follows the launch of the Simba Air-Hybrid®, the world's most advanced airline seat created in collaboration with our ambassador Gareth Bale.


James Cox, Simba Co-Founder said, “Your summer holiday is one of the most eagerly anticipated times of the year. It’s the perfect place to unwind and you probably plan on spending your well-earned break snoozing in the sunshine. For a proper rest, the right mattress is the crucial element. You only want the best for your bed so we thought why not innovate and create  best for your sunbed.”



Jelle Oomes, the owner of the prestigious beach club in Ibiza, commented, “Before Blue Marlin Ibiza, there was nothing like this on the island before, the beach places had plastic chairs and tables outside like anywhere else. We changed the way people can enjoy the sun with our luxury day beds. Like the team at Simba, we have an eye for detail and installing Simba beach beds at the club will ensure our customers experience the very best, as they rest and recuperate during our long, hot Ibiza summer”.




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