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How To Sleep With A Cough - Our Top Tips To Get Some Zzzzzzs

How To Sleep With A Cough - Our Top Tips To Get Some Zzzzzzs

How To Sleep With A Cough - Our Top Tips To Get Some Zzzzzzs

Cough and cold season is often annoying, but never more so than at night. It can be frustrating to be unwell, in need of rest, and then unable to sleep because of a chest infection or a persistent cough keeping you awake.

So, why does this happen? Read our guide to help you stop coughing at night.


Why Is A Cough Worse At Night?

The following factors can make a cough worse; -

- Lying down can make the mucus pool in the back of the throat

- A dry, indoor bedroom environment can exacerbate the throat and lungs and trigger a tickly cough

- Your mattress, bedding or carpet contains dust mites or allergens

Best Sleeping Position To Stop Coughing

Adjusting your sleep position can often help relieve a night-time cough. 


The best position to sleep in to stop a cough at night is usually on your back with a raised head and neck, anything that helps defy gravity. 

Sleeping Tips To Relieve A Cough At Night

Use more pillows

Pillows often get depleted over time until they leave you lying at a flatter angle. A horizontal position allows the mucus to collect at the back of the throat and also why your nose and sinus also gets blocked. By adding more pillows to prop your head and shoulders at a 45 degree angle, it will allow the mucus to drain away. Simba’s Hybrid® Firm Pillow features three interchangeable layers for adjustable height. Back sleepers who usually use two layers, can use the additional layer to elevate the head and shoulders. 


Have a hot drink before bed

If you can’t sleep because you have a dry cough - dehydration can make this worse. A hot drink just before bed can help soothe th