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Baby It's Cold Outside: How to Make Your Bedroom Winter Ready

health  |  educational, tips

Baby It's Cold Outside: How to Make Your Bedroom Winter Ready

Baby It's Cold Outside: How to Make Your Bedroom Winter Ready

Farewell eating-watermelon-on-a-beach selfie – it’s cosied-up-in-a-big-woolly looks and thinking about hibernation, recuperation, rest and relaxation. Take inspiration from the Scandi interiors plastered across your Instagram feed and get your bedroom winter ready.

Unsure where to start? Discover our tips on how to get your bedroom Netflix-and-chilled for the freeze ahead.

Winter clean and declutter

Winter poses storage problems. Party-all-night pieces give way to cable knits and puffer jackets, and space starts to feel like the most precious commodity you no longer have. However, to truly Hygge your home, you need to declutter the Danish way.

Calmly but ruthlessly go through your room and ask yourself if the feeling or function of each item supports you in a positive way this winter. Chances are you won’t feel particularly positive about keeping stacks of flimsy frocks and summery sheets to hand through the chilly months. Bag ‘em up to tuck them away wherever you can  - or beg a parent or obliging relative with more space to keep them stashed in the attic for now.

With the floordrobe out of the way, try adding a wonderful sleep-aiding plant, for a splash of colour, nature and calm. When your sleeping environment is relaxing and enjoyable, you may find your sleeping pattern benefits from that too.

  • You are what you sleep on (and under and in)

  • All too often we overlook the importance of investing in a bed and bedding that are comfortable, supportive and that we look forward to enjoying, every day. After 2 years of helping over 100,000 people to better sleep, we know this better than anyone.

  • If you’re waking up in pain, get online and start looking for a new mattress. Then head into your nearest John Lewis or other department store and get testing them. You will spend a third of your life asleep, so make sure you’re sleeping in a healthy and comfortable way.

    Next look to your bedding. A mattress protector is a necessity, no matter what type of mattress you’re sleeping on. It will protect the longevity of your mattress and help with the cleanliness of your sleep environment. Top it with a 100% cotton sheet to provide a breathable, soft barrier – we recommend buying sheets which have a 233 thread count. The same applies to pillow cases and duvet covers.

  • Now for the ultimate snuggle factor: it’s time to get out a duvet with a higher tog rating – that’s the number that tells you the effectiveness of the duvet’s thermal insulation. For winter, look for a 10.5+ tog rating. Then consider the filling – this is down to personal preference and can make a big difference to your comfort. A feather and down duvet is a wonderful option for natural breathability and softness, a microfibre duvet is ideal for allergy sufferers and our Simba Hybrid Duvet® with OUTLAST® is engineered for sleepers who want the temperature regulation of a space-certified technology, combined with the comfort of a luxurious feather and down filling.

  • The golden rule: low tech or no tech

  • Commit to a low tech or no tech principle in your bedroom. Either invest in a good old alarm clock or switch on blue light stifling night mode on your phone. If you love your Netflix in bed, try not to fire it up too late. Switch tech off at a reasonable hour (around 9pm) and use the hour or two before bed to wind down naturally. Try to incorporate soothing steps into your night time routine. Yoga stretching can be incredibly beneficial, as can be a warm bath, a massage from a partner or a great book – you’ll know what works for you.

    Remember, it’s not just the holiday season, it’s also the party season - so make sure you’re also reading up on how to get as much sleep as possible during your late nights.

    Stay warm and stay happy!

    Do you have any tips on how you get your bedroom winter ready? We’d love to hear them! Share your comments and photos with us on social using #simbasleep

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