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Keeping Your Bedroom Warm in Winter

Keeping Your Bedroom Warm in Winter

Keeping Your Bedroom Warm in Winter

Keeping your bedroom warm in winter


When winter descends, bringing with it chilly weather and shorter days, it can be hard to get the kind of sleep you want. On the one hand our homes are naturally colder, but on the other, it’s easy to crank up the central heating and makes your bedroom too stuffy to sleep in.

Luckily, all it takes is a little know-how to get your bedroom to the ideal temperature this winter. Read on for our guide to warming up rooms and making your bedroom cosy for a great night’s sleep.


How to warm up your bedroom


No matter the time of year, the ideal temperature for your bedroom is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit or or 15.5-19.5 Celsius. In some homes that means turning on the radiator, but remember, it’s very easy to accidentally make your bedroom too warm to sleep in. 


The temperature you want in your living room, where you might be sitting and watching TV, is probably higher than the one you need when you’re under your duvet and in your pyjamas. That’s why it’s a good idea to turn the thermostat down in time for bed - or, if possible, heat your room separately instead.


It’s easiest to prioritise heating yourself over your bedroom (it’s easier to control your body temperature by adding and removing layers than it is to wait for a room to adjust), but that doesn’t mean your bedroom should be actively chilly. So, if your room is just too cool to sleep in, warm it up with these tips.


1. Put the radiator on (low)


A little heat goes a long way. Put the radiator on so it’s warm to the touch, but not so warm you couldn’t comfortably lean against it without feeling too hot. It might not seem like it’s hot enough to keep the entire room toasty, but remember, you’re using your radiator to take the chill away - not keep it actively hot. And a little radiator heat goes a surprisingly long way over the course of an entire night.


2. Choose thick curtains and blinds


Curtains and blinds make a surprisingly big difference to keeping heat inside a room. Choose ones that are specially designed to keep a room well-insulated. These should also help keep your room cool in summer.


3. Seal pesky gaps


We’re all for keeping a window open at night (it’s great waking up to fresh air, and it stops you overheating as well), but it’s those unplanned draughts that are annoying. Combat coldness by checking the sealant around windows and investing in a ‘door snake’ to block the gap under your bedroom door.


4. Insulate your floor


This doesn’t mean ripping up the floorboards and putting insulation down. Instead, if your bedroom floor is wooden or tiled, consider throwing down a few rugs. They’ll help keep heat inside your room, and they stop you having to put your feet down on an icy-cold surface in the morning, too.



Making your bedroom ‘cosier’

Making your bedroom warm in winter isn’t just about heat. It’s also about making it feel cosy, giving you that I-love-going-to-bed glow that you crave in winter. The cosier your room looks and feels, the cosier you will be, too, and the better you’ll feel when you snuggle down. Have a look for some winter bedroom ideas online or in your favourite interior design magazines for some inspiration.


1. Declutter for a warm feeling


Start with a de-clutter. Calmly but ruthlessly go through your room and ask yourself if the feeling or function of each item supports you in a positive way this winter. Chances are you won’t feel particularly positive about keeping stacks of flimsy frocks and summery sheets to hand through the chilly months. Bag ‘em up to tuck them away wherever you can  - or beg a parent or obliging relative with more space to keep them stashed in the attic for now.


2. Take care of your environment


With the floordrobe out of the way, try adding a wonderful sleep-aiding plant, for a splash of colour, nature and calm. When your sleeping environment is relaxing and enjoyable, you may find your sleeping pattern benefits from it too.


3. Add some warming materials


Addings things like rugs (which we already know are good for insulation), low-level mood lighting in warm shades, and an extra blanket or so will make your bedroom a cosy haven that’s impossible not to love in the winter.



Warming your bed


Your bed should always be warm and inviting - especially in winter. All too often we overlook the importance of investing in a bed and bedding that are comfortable, supportive and that we look forward to enjoying every day. After two years of helping over 100,000 people to better sleep, we know this better than anyone. You will spend a third of your life asleep, so make sure you’re sleeping in a healthy and comfortable way.


1. Heat it with a hot water bottle


Put a hot water bottle under your duvet for half an hour before you go to sleep. Often cuddling the hot water bottle will make you too warm, but using it to heat your bed before you get in can make it a lot more pleasant to take your socks off and slip under the covers.


2. Choose a duvet that keeps you snug

Now for the ultimate snuggle factor: it’s time to get a duvet that keeps you warm and cosy but doesn’t encourage overheating. A microfibre duvet is ideal for allergy sufferers, and our Simba Hybrid Duvet® with Stratos® is engineered for sleepers who want the temperature regulation of a space-certified technology, combined with the comfort of a luxurious feather and down filling.


Remember, having a lovely warm duvet and a breathable bed will help you sleep well, but the key to cosiness isn’t just warmth - it’s staying at a balanced temperature that’s ideal for sleep.


Nail your winter sleep routine


Going to bed in winter can feel unpleasant because it means dashing between the (cold) bathroom and our bedroom - much easier to stay snuggled up on the sofa for hours, right? 


That may be true, but delaying bedtime means you’ll find it harder to sleep. Nail your winter bedtime routine to help you love your bedroom and look forward to a good night, especially at a time when lack of light plays havoc with our routines.


1. Turn off the screens


Commit to a low tech or no tech principle in your bedroom. Either invest in a good old alarm clock or switch on blue light stifling night mode on your phone. If you love your Netflix in bed, try not to fire it up too late. Switch tech off at a reasonable hour (around 9pm) and use the hour or two before bed to wind down naturally. Spend ten minutes or so getting cosy in bed, perhaps with a  good book, before you actually turn the light out so you have time for your body temperature to adjust before you attempt to drop off.


2. Build in soothing activities


Try to incorporate soothing steps into your night time routine as well. Yoga can be incredibly beneficial, as can be a warm bath, a massage from a partner or a great book – you’ll know what works for you.

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