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The Simba Hybrid® Ultra Mattress has a rating of ["4", "7"], based on 377 reviews.

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Simba Hybrid® Ultra Mattress

Our dream mattress. A luxurious cocooning fusion. Thirteen layers of remarkable natural materials and our signature tech.

8,500 Springs 34cm Depth 13 Layers FusionCool™
heat control
Pure Lift


Medium soft

Medium firm


Hybrid® Ultra Highlights

  • Luxury, visionary design. More of our signature tech than ever before, combined with high-performance natural materials.
  • Best ergonomic comfort. Our highest ever spring count offers more personalised contouring and optimum pressure relief.
  • Coolest sleep. A double layer of Simbatex® foam. For twice the cooling airflow of the Hybrid® Luxe & more luxurious cushioning.
  • Thermo-regulating FusionCool™. Our own blend of kapok, wool & bamboo for an extra coolingtop layer.
  • Boosting PureLift®. A unique blend of latex & coconut for superb, natural support & breathability.
  • Breathable cover. Knitted cover supports breathability and keeps mattress fresh.
  • Made in the UK. With UK sourced materials, in zero-waste factories.
  • 100% recyclable. We also offer a mattress removal service, no purchase required.
  • Includes complimentary Mattress Protector worth up to £169.

Hybrid® Ultra: Tech Spotlight

FusionCool® top layer

Naturally cool. Naturally dry.

Our tech team were laser-focussed on creating the coolest, most comfortable top layer for the Ultra. In lab tests, a combination of breathable wool, airy bamboo and cooling charcoal was the best performer. But there was something missing.

Meet natural, silky-soft kapok. Found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, kapok is one of the lightest plant fibres on earth, with an air content of 80% and a fine wax coating that makes it moisture resistant. The high air content makes it breathable, thermo-regulating.

More air. More fresh.

Simbatex® foam technology



heat absorption


We know being too hot stops us sleeping well. That’s why our tech team created cooling, cushioning Simbatex® foam in the first place. But the Ultra is the only Simba mattress to have a revolutionary, double layer of it.

Simbatex is an open-cell foam, with a less dense structure that offers much better, springier elasticity and more airflow; it’s also infused with graphite, a natural heat conductor which helps excess warmth and humidity flow away from the body.

Naturally boosted.

Purelift™ ergonomic support

Being inventive isn’t always about creating new materials; sometimes it’s about finding fresh ways to use traditional ones. Which is exactly what our tech team did with latex and, coconut.

PureLift™ is the fusion of naturally elastic latex and breathable coconut fibres, famous for their properties of resistance and bounce. In product testing, this unique blend created an incredible spring-like layer with superb airflow and pressure distribution, adapting to your body shape to provide exceptional and complete support.

Our highest spring count ever

Best Aerocoil® spring comfort

x4 layers




Our technologists insisted on 8,500 springs in the Ultra, more than any other Simba mattress. They said it was the path to perfection, and we couldn’t argue with that.

4,000 titanium alloy Aerocoil® micro springs sit in the upper layers. You can’t feel them, but they compress individually in response to your body, providing ergonomic pressure relief and limiting transfer of movement.

3,500 high carbon steel Aerocoil® micro springs sit further down the mattress to maximise support, gently pushing fresh air through the mattress as they compress.

The Hybrid® Ultra also features our SupportCore™ base, with 1,000 pocketed barrel springs to ensure 100% edge-to-edge support.

Hybrid® range features

What’s special about a Simba?

Why Simba suits everyone

All shapes, sizes & sleep positions

Simba is the most five-star rated mattress brand in the world. Because our unique Hybrid® mattress technology is designed to feel perfectly comfortable to everyone, no matter their shape or sleeping style.

It’s a balance between providing ergonomic pressure relief for your body, and correct alignment for your spine; Simba’s signature tech ensures a ‘hugged’, cradled feeling in the upper layers, and perfect spinal support in the base layers, with adjustment for hips and shoulders.

P.S. We rate our Hybrid mattresses as ‘medium-firm’. There’s no universal firmness rating system in the industry, so we’ve based our design on independent studies that show this is best for sleep quality and comfort.

too soft

Lacks support


For perfect spinal alignment


Lacks cushioning

The Hybrid Ultra: Layer by Layer

Working together for perfect comfort

Award winning tech


Greener, cleaner.

Which mattress range is right for you?

Budget Friendly


4 Layers
Up to 1000 Springs
20cm Depth
5 Support zones

Extra Tech


4 Layers
Up to 1500 Springs
23cm Depth
7 Support zones

1/2 Million Sold


5 Layers 
Up to 2500 Springs
25cm Depth
9 Support zones

Bestselling Inc. Protector worth up to £169


8 Comfort layers
x4,000 Aerocoil Springs
+ Cooling natural wool layer
+ Free protector

Luxury Comfort & Support Inc. Protector worth up to £169


11 Comfort layers
x6,000 Aerocoil Springs
+ Cooling natural wool layer
+ Free protector

Currently viewing

The best of everything Inc. Protector worth up to £169


13 Comfort layers
x8,500 Aerocoil Springs
+ Cooling natural wool layer
+ Free protector

Oasis of comfort


6 layers
Up to 3,250 Springs
25cm Depth
Hemp and Flax layer

Sleep sanctuary


7 layers
Up to 4,250 Springs
28cm Depth
Wool and Hemp layer

The peak of luxury


8 layers
Up to 5,750 Springs
30cm Depth
Silk, Cashmere and Mohair layer

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