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Oasis of comfort

The Simba Earth Source Mattress has a rating of ["4", "5"], based on 6 reviews.

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Our products benefit from ongoing innovation. Reviews attributed to a product model reflect views customers have shared for prior design iterations of the same model, as well as the improved iteration offered today.

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Simba Source Mattress

The ideal introduction to our superb Earth mattresses. Hand tufted in Yorkshire using some of Nature’s best materials with advanced tech.

3,250 Springs 25cm Depth 6 Layers Quadcore™
Yorkshire Hemp
& Flax


Medium soft

Medium firm


Source Mattress Highlights

  • Harnessing nature & tech. Uniting traditional natural materials & advanced mattress tech for reassuring comfort.
  • Nature’s own cushioning. Super soft cotton adds extra comfort.
  • Lasting comfort. Yorkshire grown hemp and flax encourage lasting resilience & durability.
  • Contouring support layer. Signature Aerocoil® spring layer supports a more tailored response.
  • Quadcore™ base. Ground-breaking ‘four-point’ spring system designed to improve support and limit motion transfer.
  • Premium cover. Smooth wool-viscose provides a silky sleep surface made with natural materials.
  • Made in the UK. In Yorkshire, incorporating locally grown components – like hemp and flax.
  • Simba recycling available. Suitable for recycling via our collection service or specialist providers.

Source Mattress: Tech Spotlight


This is Planet Earth…

We live in a wonderful world, full of remarkable natural materials. And we’ve incorporated a whole range of them in our Source mattress, teamed up with the latest tech. For better sleep, naturally.


Making a material difference 

Crafting an oasis of comfort, using some of Mother Nature’s best ingredients. That’s what we set out to do. Featuring cushiony, natural components - like the cotton, hemp and flax we use in the Source mattress.

Take cotton for example. It might be a familiar classic, but our technologists tell us those soft, fluffy cotton fibres are famous for their springiness and airflow enhancing properties – so we thought they’d make an ideal combination for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The cotton we use is upcycled from traditional French mills. But we’ve blended it with home grown hemp and flax, from lush Yorkshire meadows; these two plants have been prized for centuries for their resilience and longevity, and thanks to them we believe your mattress will feel as comfortable at the end of its life as it does at the beginning.


QuadCore™ spring base

Few people know more about springs than our mattress engineers. So when they told us they’d created a new, even better design, we were all ears.

Usually mattress springs are connected to each other in rows or large groups. So any movement one spring makes is passed on to the next, and the next after that. Across the entire mattress. But our clever QuadCore™ springs are grouped just four at a time, disrupting any ripple effect and limiting motion transfer to encourage more tailored, accurate support.

But that’s not all. Fixing springs with glue can damage them and inhibit movement, so the team were excited to discover another way of connecting them: sonic welding. It sounds cool, and it is – this way the springs themselves remain untouched, undamaged and free to move individually.


Signature spring technology

Tailored Support


Designed to limit
motion transfer

Along with the 750 Quadcore™ springs, all our Earth mattresses feature a layer of our patented Aerocoil® springs; they’re central to the award-winning sleep we’re famous for.

There are 2,500 of these titanium alloy micro springs nestling in the upper layers, They work in three, clever ways:

CONTOUR: each small spring compresses, for pressure relief and contoured support

FRESH: they aid the flow of fresh air through the mattress as they compress

CONTROL: their conical shape helps them compress inwards, limiting transfer of movement.


Hand tufted with care. 

Our Earth mattresses start life on a Yorkshire farm, not a factory. Because that's where many of the crops and materials we use are grown, harvested, and processed.

And the factory where our experienced craftsmen and women set to work is in Yorkshire too – we call it our county of comfort. And although we might use high-tech machines to give us the precise measurements and weights for every layer, it’s these highly skilled teams that stitch and tuft the layers, feeling the mattress, checking the stitching. The way it’s been done for centuries.

An exceptional craft, for an exceptional mattress.


What’s special about our Earth mattresses?

Why Simba suits everyone

All shapes, sizes & sleep positions

Simba is the most five-star rated mattress brand in the world*. Because our unique Hybrid® mattress technology is designed to feel comfortable to everyone, no matter their shape, size or sleeping style.

It’s about offering improved pressure relief and full body alignment; Simba’s patented, signature tech is designed to create a ‘hugged’, cradled feeling in the upper layers and more support in the base layers, with adjustment for hips and shoulders.

P.S. We rate our Hybrid® Earth mattresses as ‘medium-firm’. There’s no universal firmness rating system in the industry, so we’ve aimed to align our designs with independent studies which show this is ideal for sleep quality and comfort.

too soft

Lacks support


For perfect spinal alignment


Lacks cushioning

Simba Source Mattress: Layer by Layer

Working together for optimum comfort

Award winning tech

See all awards
Earth Mattresses: Zero Wasted
B Corp Certified logo


A force for good. 

Which mattress range is right for you?

Budget Friendly Mattress Essential Hybrid: Sleep Hero Recommended


4 Layers
Up to 1000 Springs
20cm Depth
5 Support zones

Extra Tech


4 Layers
Up to 1500 Springs
23cm Depth
7 Support zones

1/2 Million Sold Mattress Original Hybrid: Good Housekeeping Institute 2024


5 Layers 
Up to 2500 Springs
25cm Depth
9 Support zones

Bestselling Mattress Pro Hybrid: T3 Awards 2022 Inc. Protector worth up to £169


8 Layers
Up to 5000 Springs
28cm Depth
Wool top layer
+ Free protector

Luxury Comfort & Support Mattress Luxe Hybrid: Good Housekeeping Institute 2024 Inc. Protector worth up to £169


11 Layers
Up to 6000 Springs
31cm Depth
Bamboo & Wool top layer
+ Free protector

The best of everything Mattress Ultra Hybrid: The Telegraph 2023 Inc. Protector worth up to £169


13 Layers
Up to 8500 Springs
34cm Depth
Kapok, Bamboo & Wool top layer
+ Free protector

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Up to 3,250 Springs
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Silk, Cashmere and Mohair layer

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