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Engineered for cool comfort

Cotton cover with Stratos® 'cool-touch' technology

Stratos® tech is designed to draw heat away for instant freshness.

Summer duvet storage bag

Includes sturdy, storage bag

  • Cotton cover with Stratos® 'cool-touch' technology
  • Super-soft, Simba Renew Bio™ fibres
  • Cotton cover (plain side)

5Ingenious things about the Summer Hybrid® Duvet

We use our engineering expertise and the latest tech to bring you a better night’s sleep… Here’s how it works in this 4.5 Tog duvet.

Renew Bio™

Exceptional comfort

Simba Renew Bio™ forms the lightweight, down-like centre of our luxurious Hybrid® duvets; it’s made from recycled PET bottle fibres, gently combed into soft, airy layers of comfort. It’s also designed to allow plenty of airflow through the duvet fill for perfect, non–clammy warmth.

temperature control 

AKA your duvet thermostat

Getting too hot at night is a common and disruptive sleep problem, especially during the warmer nights of Summer. Which is where our thinner, 4.5 Tog duvet comes in.

But that’s not the only way Simba helps keep you cool. Because all our Hybrid® duvets feature our ingenious Stratos® technology on one side; this makes the fabric feel instantly fresh to the touch, and it supports the dissipation of any excess heat to help you feel fresh and dry all night long. Even when it has a cover on it. Just make sure this side is closest to you as you sleep to get the full effects.


Sustainable comfort

Simba Renew Bio™ is key to the superb comfort and quality of our pillows and duvets. It’s made from recycled PET bottle fibres. But it also biodegrades at end of life and almost totally dissolves in about two years when deposited in a landfill environment.

We also use cotton in our duvets, but we’re careful where it comes from , so we’re also delighted to be a member of the Better Cotton Initiative.

makes perfect

User-friendly, thoughtful design

There’s no point having all this ingenious tech if you forget the practical stuff. So of course - we haven’t. Our Hybrid® duvet is stitched into squares to prevent clumping, it’s machine washable (in a large enough machine) and dries quickly due to the lightness and nature of the fill fibres.

We’ve also added a QR code to a label on the duvet for easy access to recycling or care advice – and we’ve popped another label at the foot end of the duvet, so you’ll always know which way round it goes.

B Corp Certified logo

Simba and Sustainability

We believe protecting the planet is as important as quality sleep.

We’re proud to be founding members of British Retail Consortium climate action roadmap and the UK’s first B Corp certified sleep brand; B Corp status is an accreditation that is only awarded to select businesses that promote social and environmental change through how they work and operate, something we consistently strive for.

Simba mattresses are made in the UK; we also aim to reduce waste by offering a specialist mattress recycling service as well as a certified refurbishment programme.

We aim to use packaging which includes recycled materials (or materials from approved FSC sources) as much as possible, and we endeavour to use more sustainable materials and processes across our range, including  Better Cotton and recycled materials wherever we can.

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Menopause Friendly

Our products that carry the GenM Menopause Friendly symbol can ease, relieve or support one or more of the 48 symptoms and signs of menopause.

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