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Simba Hybrid® Super King Size Duvet

Comfort that's out of this world. We've taken super king size duvet days to the next level with space-inspired fabric technology designed to take the heat.

£ 195

HEATWAVE SALE: Save up to 33% off bundles. (Save now) (T&C's apply)

Simba Hybrid® Super King Size Duvet
£ 195

We have drift off

Our all-season Hybrid Super King Size Duvet has you covered all year round.

Clever comfort

Clever comfort

The temperature regulating Stratos® outer layer and heat dissipating fill are designed to keep you in your comfort zone.

Made for all seasons

Made for all seasons

Forget tog ratings. Our super king size duvet is perfectly balanced to keep you comfortable whatever the weather.

Lump and bump free

Lump and bump free

Square quilting brings hybrid comfort to every corner and quick-fit tabs mean less time making your super king size bed and more time lying in it.

Cool on every level

Bed down in three layers of super king size duvet hybrid comfort for a great sleep wherever and whenever.

Simba Hybrid® Duvet
Simba Hybrid® Duvet
See full product specs
See full product specs

Product size

  • Super King Size : 260 x 220 (cm)

Packaging size

  • L46cm x W32cm x D32cm


  • Filling: 100% Aerelle® Cool Night polyester fibre
  • Cover top: 100% BCI cotton with Stratos® finish
  • Cover bottom: 100% BCI cotton


  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Tumble dry on low heat

Sleep. Easy.

Intelligent temperature regulation and a fill so outrageously comfortable you'll want to hunker down for days in your super king size duvet.

How your super king size duvet works

Happy Sleepers

We're listening... Everything we do, we do to make sure you get the best night's sleep, so please leave a review below and tell us what you think of Simba.

About the product

What's a super king size duvet?

A super king size duvet measures 260cm x 220 cm x 4cm, making it the perfect size for king size, super king size and emperor size beds.

Why choose a super king size duvet?

Super king size duvets are the ultimate in household harmony - they're simply too big to steal! You won't want to change this one regularly, so an option that's warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot is recommended for blissful comfort all year round. You'll also want to watch out for a well-distributed filling - that's where filling sewn into pockets will help, so you're not constantly shaking it out.

What kind of super king size duvets are available?

Traditional feather and down super king size duvet: Duck feathers and down have been a traditional favourite because they combine lightness with cosiness and heat regulatiion. Not suitable for those with a feather allergy, it's important to check that the feathers and down have been ethically sourced.

Hollowfibre super king size duvet: Fibre fillings can be an economical vegan friendly choice, and there are hypoallergenic options for sensitive sleepers. Plus it's easily machine washable.

Microfibre super king size duvet: Finer and softer than hollowfibre, microfibre duvets are a popular synthetic alternative as they're often hypoallergenic, light and soft.

Wool super king size duvet: Like feather and down, wool is a natural filling that is good for heat regulation, and additionally has some moisture-wicking properties. It is much heavier, however, and is also not vegan-friendly.

Silk super king size duvet: Silk is sometimes blended with other fillings in duvets as a soft, natural, breathable fabric. It's an expensive choice, but there are more budget-friendly, equally effective plant-based alternatives like TENCELTM on the market.

What's the tog rating for a super king size duvet?

You might have heard that your duvet's tog rating is a mark of quality - it's not! Tog ratings were originally developed to indicate thermal insulation - that is, how warm a duvet is. So in theory you want a higher tog in winter and a lower tog in summer. The only problem is, with centrally heated housing, that's not necessarily a useful guide to follow! And now with major advances in temperature regulating fabric and filling technology, tog ratings often aren't necessarily an accurate picture of how cosy yet cool your duvet could be. Properly engineered for comfort, a duvet that appears to have a high tog rating could be perfect all year round - so it's more important to look into the way your duvet is designed and what it's made of.

What's special about the Simba Hybrid® super king size duvet?

We've taken the best of traditional duvet design and made it out of this world, with innovative heat regulating fabric technology originally designed for space suits. One side of our ethically sourced feather and down super king size duvet is printed with Stratos® phase change technology, which absorbs, stores and releases heat as you need it. Since it always responds to you, it's just right all year round. Plus the filling is sewn into pockets so it's always evenly distributed.

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