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Engineered for cool comfort

Better Cotton outer with Stratos® heat control technology

Stratos® cool-touch tech draws heat away and provides an instant cooling sensation.

Summer duvet storage bag

Includes sturdy, recycled storage bag

  • Better Cotton outer with Stratos® heat control technology
  • Super-soft Simba Renew Bio™ fibres
  • Better Cotton cover (plain side)

5Ingenious things about the Simba Hybrid® Duvet

We use our engineering expertise and the latest tech to bring you your best ever night’s sleep… Here’s how it works in our Hybrid Duvet.

Renew Bio™

Exceptional comfort

Offering superbly light and gentle warmth, Simba Renew Bio™ forms the soothingly down-like centre of our Hybrid duvets. It’s made from recycled PET bottle fibres gently combed into soft, airy layers, which offers a good, if not better, feel compared with traditional luxury down.

Being superbly breathable, it also allows plenty of airflow through the duvet fill for perfect, non–clammy warmth, and is an ideal alternative to other synthetic or natural fillers.

temperature control 

AKA your duvet thermostat

Getting too hot at night is a common and disruptive sleep problem, especially during warmer months.

That’s why all Simba Hybrid® duvets feature our ingenious Stratos® technology on one side; this makes the fabric feel instantly cool to the touch, as well as enabling it to react to your body temperature, dissipating any excess heat to keep you cool and dry (yes, even when it has a cover on it). For optimum temperature control, make sure this side is closest to your body as you sleep.


Sustainable comfort

Simba Renew Bio™ is an advanced material offering superb comfort and quality to our duvets. It’s made from recycled PET bottle fibres - so it’s an ingenious, renewable resource in its own right. But it also has the ability to biodegrade, which means the fibres we use will be eliminated from the environment entirely. So, while normal polyester fibres take thousands of years to dissolve, it takes just two years for Simba Renew Bio™ to magically vanish, without a trace.

We also use natural, breathable cotton in our duvets, but we’re careful where it comes from. We’re delighted to be part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a not-for-profit organisation which makes global cotton production better for the people who produce it and the environment it grows in. Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products, but BCI farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we source.

Practical makes

User-friendly, thoughtful design

There’s no point having all this ingenious tech if you forget the practical stuff. So of course - we haven’t. Our Hybrid duvet is stitched into squares to prevent clumping, it’s machine washable (in a large enough machine) and dries more quickly due to the lightness and nature of the fill fibres.

We’ve also added a QR code to a label on the duvet for easy access to recycling or care advice – and we’ve popped another label at the foot end of the duvet, so you’ll always know which way round it goes.

5 Our recipe for a sustainable sleep (The story so far)

B corp logo
100% Better Cotton Cover
100% recycled/biodegradable filler (125 bottles per King 10.5 Tog duvet)
100% recycled storage bag 
50% recycled packaging  
All deliveries 100%
carbon neutral
Certified eco-factory (100% renewable energy, 100% waste recycled). 
Target of Net Zero by 2030
All of our deliveries are 100% carbon neutral. We have worked hard to measure all of the emissions we create and as a result have offset all greenhouse gas emissions for customer deliveries.

Our awards

  • “Lifesaver for people who struggle to maintain a consistent body temperature at night.”

  • “Keeps you warm throughout the night with luxurious feeling material.”

  • “Good for year round use thanks to these heat control properties.”

  • “Evenly spread and stitched in square pockets for a nice distribution of padding.”

Happy Sleepers

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