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An under-the-covers look at the Ultra mattress

Discover 13 layers of innovative natural luxury and signature tech.

Luxurious, breathable cover

Sleep surface: Thick, anti-allergenic knitted cover zips off for washing, 100% breathable, with mesh border for extra airflow. With cooling Stratos® technology to support temperature regulation. Replacement covers available.  Inner cover: Internal casing protects core layers.

  • Luxurious, breathable cover
  • FusionCool™ layer
  • Open-cell Simbatex® foam
  • PureLift™ layer
  • Titanium Aerocoil® springs
  • CertiPUR® stability layer
  • Ultra layer of Aerocoil®springs
  • SupportCore™ base & protective casing
  • Simba ReGen™ anchor layer

What’s so different about the Hybrid® Ultra?

Our tech team left no stone unturned. Until they found what they needed to create their perfect mattress.

Our highest spring count ever

Our technologists insisted on a whopping 8,500 in the Ultra, more than any other Simba mattress. It’s the only way to get perfection they said, and we could hardly argue with that.

So there are 7,500 titanium Aerocoil® micro springs in the main part of the mattress: 4,000 of them nestle centrally in 13 support zones to cradle your unique body contours, and another 3,500 of their high carbon steel cousins sit further down the mattress for maximum support and airflow.

And standing sturdily at the base is our SupportCore™ spring unit, with yet another 1,000 pocketed, tempered steel barrel springs, providing edge-to-edge support with absolutely no dipping at the sides.

Simbatex Foam Technology

Traditional foam

Not one, but TWO layers of cooling Simbatex® foam

We know being too hot stops us sleeping well. That’s why our perfection-seeking tech team created the cooling, cushioning Simbatex® foam in the first place.

So what is Simbatex®? It’s a less dense, open-structure foam, offering much better cushioning and 30x the airflow of standard memory foam; it’s also infused with graphite, to help heat and humidity flow away from the body.

No surprise then, that the marvellous Ultra is the ONLY Simba mattress to have a revolutionary, double layer of this miracle stuff. Because obviously the more there is, the cooler and more comfortable the mattress will be.

FusionCool®, the holy grail of cooler, fresher sleep

Our chief technologist and his team were laser-focussed on creating the coolest but comfiest top layer for the Ultra.

A combination of breathable wool and airy bamboo was the best performer in lab tests, even more so after the team added a boost of cooling charcoal. But there was something missing, something that would turn excellent into exceptional.

And then the team discovered Kapok.

Kapok has been overlooked and overshadowed for decades, until now. Found in the fruit of the kapok tree in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, it’s naturally silky soft; with an air content of 80% it’s one of the lightest plant fibres on earth, and has a fine wax coating that makes it moisture resistant. This high air content makes it breathable, thermo- regulating and naturally anti-allergenic. Magic ingredient located.

And so after all that, no chemicals, no treatments, no technology. Just a fusion of natural materials at their wondrous best.

PureLift™, the epitome of ergonomic comfort

When they couldn’t source the perfect, pressure-relieving support layer they wanted, our heroic tech team realised they’d have to invent it themselves. But being innovative isn’t always about creating new materials; sometimes it’s about finding fresh ways to use traditional ones. Which is exactly what our tech team did with latex and, believe or not, coconut.

Yes, coconut. PureLift™ is the very successful fusion of latex, well known for its amazing natural elasticity, and coconut fibres, which as we now know, are famous for their properties of resistance, bounce and durability.

In product testing, this unique blend created an incredible spring-like layer with superb pressure distribution, adapting beautifully to your body shape for exceptional and complete support.

And by the way, it also scored top marks for breathability and airflow… So it’ll keep you as cool as a coconut.

Our recipe for a sustainable sleep

(The story so far)
All mattresses
100% recyclable
Hybrid mattresses
now contain up to
68% less foam
certified recycled
mattress cover
100% recycled
All deliveries 100%
carbon neutral
All mattresses
made in the UK
Target of Net Zero by 2030
All of our deliveries are 100% carbon neutral. We have worked hard to measure all of the emissions we create and as a result have offset all greenhouse gas emissions for customer deliveries.

Why you can rest easy with Simba...

We're experts in the science of sleep, and over a million customers have already trusted us to give them the best night's sleep they've ever had.

  • Top Rated and Award Winning

    Top Rated and Award Winning

    We have 250,000 five-star reviews, which is more than any other mattress brand in the world; we’ve also won over 60 sleep industry awards including 8 Hybrid® Luxe awards.

  • A Proud British Company

    A Proud British Company

    We design and make all our mattresses in the UK, creating local jobs and reducing our environmental impact.

  • Expert Sleep Science

    Expert Sleep Science

    Using body profile data from ten million sleepers, our sleep scientists have created a mattress designed and crafted for every sleeping style and body type.

  • Simba Service Promise

    Simba Service Promise

    We offer free delivery and returns, with a 200-night free trial and a 10-year guarantee. You can also shop with 0% finance over 12 months, pay nothing for a year and take monthly payments up to 4 years.

The Mattress Range

  • Simbatex® Essential

    Simbatex® Essential

    budget friendly


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  • Simbatex® Foam

    Simbatex® Foam

    Cooler, Fresher Foam


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  • Simba Hybrid® Essential

    Simba Hybrid® Essential

    Patented Comfort - Lower Price


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  • Simba Hybrid®

    Simba Hybrid®

    1/2 Million Sold - 11 Awards


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  • Simba Hybrid® Pro

    Simba Hybrid® Pro

    Best Seller - Advanced Support


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  • Simba Hybrid® Luxe

    Simba Hybrid® Luxe

    Latest Tech - Ultra Plush

    11 LAYERS | 31CM DEPTH

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  • Simba GO

    Simba GO

    sustainable comfort


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