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"Best mattress in the world right now"

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Simba Hybrid® Mattress Simba Hybrid® Mattress Simba Hybrid® Mattress Simba Hybrid® Mattress Simba Hybrid® Mattress Simba Hybrid® Mattress

Simba Hybrid® Mattress

"Best mattress in the world right now"

The award-winning mattress from Europe's favourite mattress-in-a-box brand. Experience the future of sleep: up to 2,500 revolutionary springs for comfort and cooling where it counts, plus support that's got your back.

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Simba Hybrid® Mattress
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Why choose Simba?

Here’s why our Hybrid Mattress is the stuff of dreams.

Made for every body

Made for every body

We used research from more than ten million sleepers to create a mattress that’s built for everyone.

The Hybrid difference

The Hybrid difference

Up to 2,500 super light, cone-shaped springs meet a perfectly engineered base. You've never felt comfort and support like this before.

Stay cool

Stay cool

Advanced materials and our unique five layer design will regulate your temperature - so you can chill out in all seasons.

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Why hybrid?

  • Foam Mattress

    Soft but sinky

    Responsive and comfortable but can be too soft and hot.

  • The Simba Hybrid®

    The best of both worlds

    Cloud-like comfort
    Cooling airflow
    No motion transfer
    The right support

  • Spring Mattress

    Firm but bouncy

    Supportive and breathable but can be too firm and bouncy

A hybrid like no other

We changed the way springs are used in a hybrid, so you can float in comfort over a unique support system.

Simba mattress top layers section

Cooling comfort: For real comfort, your mattress should contour to your body and move heat away. Guess what these layers do?

Simba mattress support base layers section

Responsive support: The precision-engineered foundation for a properly good night's sleep.

Breathable sleep surface

Zip-off, washable and hypoallergenic, our sleep surface is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

Airflow comfort layer

Our open cell Simbatex foam tackles overheating, while also layering on the comfort.

Patented comfort springs

Our super light, cone-shaped springs retract to distribute pressure, flexing to you individually without motion transfer.

Edge to edge support

Our Edge Lift technology means no rolling off or dipping down at the sides; just Simba support wherever you lie.

Reflex support layer

Your cloud-like comfort zone needs a supportive springboard — exactly what this foam layer provides.

Zoned base layer

High definition foam can be expertly zoned to give the right support for each area of your body. So of course we did just that.

See full product specs

Country of origin

All Simba mattresses are sourced and made in Europe: we work with well-known, state-of-the-art mattress factories in UK and Poland.


UK Sizes

  • Single : W90 L190 D25 (cm)
  • Small Double : W120 L190 D25 (cm)
  • Double : W135 L190 D25 (cm)
  • King Size : W150 L200 D25 (cm)
  • Super King Size : W180 L 200 D25 (cm)

EU Sizes

  • EU Small Single : W80 L200 D25 (cm)
  • EU Single : W90 L200 D25 (cm)
  • EU Double : W140 L190 D25 (cm)
  • EU Double L : W140 L200 D25 (cm)
  • EU Queen : W160 L200 D25 (cm)
  • Single/Double/King - L46cm x W25cm x D25cm
  • Superking - L46cm x W32cm x D32cm

Mattress technology

The Simba Hybrid® Mattress is 25cm deep.
  • Simbatex open cell foam
    Density: 60kg/m3. Depth: 2.5cm

  • Up to 2,500 conical pocket springs 25mm conical spring, enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket
  • Luxury grade polyether support foam
    Density: 35kg/m3. Firmness: 115N. Depth: 4.5cm.

  • High density foam
    Density: 33kg/m3. Firmness: 140N. Depth: 16cm

  • Edge support high density foam
    Density: 35kg/m3. Firmness: 175N

For more info, please head to our FAQ.

Product care

The top white sleep surface can be unzipped and machine washed at 40 degrees. The grey base fabric can be cleaned with a soft, damp and clean cloth using small circular motions. Using a mattress protector could help extend the life of your mattress.

Delivery information

  • Free standard deliveries are processed via UPS.
    This a 1-3 day tracked service, and UPS will deliver your mattress to the first door.
  • Arrow XL is a Premium 2-Man Delivery Service > Arrow XL is a premium two-man delivery service.

200 night trial and returns

If you decide the Simba Hybrid® Mattress is not for you, just give us a call during the trial. We’ll arrange a free collection and refund the cost of your mattress or any financing payments made (not including delivery charges). And don’t worry - we wouldn’t dream of asking you to get it back in the box.


Every Simba mattress comes with a ten year guarantee. If it fails during that time, we’ll exchange it for a brand new one. It’s that simple.


Our foams have all received the CertiPUR label, meeting the requirements of unwanted chemicals in foams. No destructive agents of ozone, heavy metals, flame retardants, mercury or lead have therefore been used for their manufacture. They are also perfectly safe and suitable for everyone.

The science of sleep

We can’t rest unless we know we’ve explored all the ways we can make your sleep comfier, cooler, and more supported.

The Simba Hybrid® difference

The Simba service promise

We don't just do mattress design differently. We want you to rest easy through the whole process.

Free delivery and returns

Delivery is free as standard. In most cases, we deliver seven days a week to the room of your choice when you pick a date at checkout. And if you choose to return your mattress during your 200 night trial, returns are also free.

You can also choose at checkout to have your old mattress removed. Our two-person crew will do this at the same time as they deliver your new Simba Mattress.

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Delivery Info

200 night trial with free returns

We’re confident it’ll be love at first night - but we give you 100 to be sure. If you decide to return your Simba, we’ll collect it for free (and don’t worry, we wouldn’t dream of asking you to get it back in the box).

200 night trial

10 year guarantee

Our mattress is built to last - so we’ve got your back for a decade. If it fails during that time, we’ll swap it for a brand new one. It’s that simple.

10-year guarantee

Old mattress removal

Let us do the heavy lifting. We have one of the lowest-cost options for old mattress removal on the market - just choose this option at checkout.

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Delivery Info

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Simba mattress awards

Press & awards

"For side and back sleepers, we found the Simba® Hybrid Mattress to be both supportive and very comfortable indeed

"Good Housekeeping testers found it a complete 'dream to sleep on' and are all Simba converts."

"If you're in the market for a 'bed-in-a-box' mattress, I can wholeheartedly endorse the Simba Hybrid."

"If you prefer to be cosseted by a cloud-like mattress but your partner yearns for one that's on the firm side, then this 'fits-all' mattress, might well be the answer."

Happy sleepers

We rest better when we know your honest opinion of us. Check out reviews from Simba sleepers below, and please add your own.

Any other questions?

What base can I use for my Simba Hybrid® Mattress?

These are some of the common bases used with our mattresses:

  • Platform top
    Platform top
    (flat top, can include divans)
  • Slats
    (evenly spaced boards)
  • Sprung divan or box spring
    Sprung divan or box spring
    (frame with springs set in)
Any supportive bed base — including adjustable — is suitable, as long as that's its dedicated purpose. The Hybrid Mattress is at its best on a sprung or rigid divan or slatted bed frame.

If you have a slatted base, quickly whip out the tape measure to check the slats aren't more than three inches apart.

Will I need to turn my mattress?

Think of it as the 'no flipping way'. You don't have to turn it (phew), but rotating your mattress regularly is one of the very few conditions of your ten year warranty. Take it for a 180 degree spin on the base once a month for the first 3 months, then every 3-6 months for the rest of its life.

How firm is the Simba Hybrid® Mattress?

If you go by generic mattress ratings, we call ours 'medium-firm'. But we don't think that's very helpful, as it doesn't account for the unique design of the Simba Hybrid® Mattress, developed using over 70 prototypes and tested against data from ten million sleepers' body profiles, making up 180 million profile points. We're confident ours is perfect for 95% of sleepers, and thousands of five-star reviews suggest we're right.

I have back problems. Will this work for me?

We're not medical professionals, and we can't judge what's right for you back. All we can say is that we've received huge amounts of positive feedback from sleepers who tell they've suffered from aches and pains and that they feel that their Simba Mattress has helped them to finally achieve a great night’s sleep.

One of the innovations that we've included is our super light comfort spring layer. Our springs are lighter and finer than traditional chunky bedsprings, so you won't get that poking-in feeling. And they're made to a patented, cone-shaped design which hugs every point of the body and pivots and flexes to distribute your weight fully for pressure relief. If you think that might be what you're looking for, then remember we also offer a 200 night trial so you can really put it to the test.

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