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Bring your 8 game. We've partnered with Maro Itoje, England's fastest rising rugby star, and an expert sleep training team to help you track your way to better sleep.

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Know the score

The UK simply isn't putting the sleep time in - and it shows. You need about 8 hours a night to be on top of your game, but the average is nearer 6.

The Simba Sleep App is a free, easy-to-use phone based sleep tracker. Simply download, track and get weekly challenges designed to get you winning at sleep.

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How you can #TryFor8

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Your 8 week challenge is introduced by a pro sleep expert.
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Start out an amateur, but as the challenges unlock make more significant changes.
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Set yourself up for great sleep and track your way to victory.

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Plus: get an exclusive discount when you track your 7th night, plus a chance to win a bedroom upgrade and champion hospitality experience at Saracens RFC. (Ts & Zzzs apply)

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Meet your dream team

Behind every elite athlete is a brilliant pro team. Yours combines experience on the pitch with expert sleep science

Maro Itoje
Maro Itoje
Rugby's fastest rising star for England and Saracens
Maro knows better than most the impact sleep has on preparation, performance and recovery. Famed for his strength, speed, agility and natural leadership, he's living proof that being serious about sleep is for anyone but the weak.
Peta Bee
Peta Bee
Award-winning fitness and nutrition journalist
Peta's degrees in sports science and nutrition show her passion for promoting healthy lifestyles. A prolific author and running coach, she literally wrote the book on women's fitness for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Dr Jamie Roberts
Dr Jamie Roberts
The international rugby legend who trained to be a doctor on the side
As if playing rugby at the highest national and international levels wasn't enough, the 2009 British & Irish Lions Player of The Series studied at Cardiff and Cambridge. Still playing for Bath, Jamie is uniquely positioned to understand sleep and sports science inside out.

Track. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

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See Maro in action

The greatest performance enhancer known to man? Maro thinks so:
"Sleep is directly linked to how much energy I have, my performance and my output in the gym and on the training field. It’s always been hugely important to me."

Whatever tomorrow holds, you'll be better equipped to win at life with a full night's sleep behind you.

Dr Jamie Roberts

“Look how we approach recovery as a player
- nutrition, stretching, analysis, all the one-per centers.
Sleep is actually a 50 per center.

Maro Itoje

“The more you sleep, the more ability you have to train harder, be more alert and attentive.
It’s a game-changer

Dr Jamie Roberts

“Sometimes you learn the hard way,
how a lack of sleep can influence a training day or your performance.
If you train yourself to sleep optimally, you perform optimally.

Tackle sleep head down

At Simba, we create the future of sleep. Our award-winning Simba Hybrid® Mattress turns traditional thinking on its head, combining specially designed springs and supportive foam to suit every body type and sleep style. And our astronaut-inspired bedding provides out of this world temperature regulation to keep you in your comfort zone night after night.

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Try score Mario sleep

Are you ready to #TryFor8? Download the Simba Sleep App now

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What do I have to do to take part?

Download the free Simba Sleep App and start tracking - that's pretty much it! Starting from July 22nd, we'll unlock a new #TryFor8 video with your weekly challenge and guided tips. If you only discover #TryFor8 half way through, it doesn't matter - you can start from week one whenever you like. And as long as you track any seven days (not necessarily one after the other) by September 22nd, you'll receive your voucher and draw entry.

Why 8 hours?

On average, adults need five complete sleep cycles every night to get a fully restorative night's sleep, which takes 7-9 hours. Each cycle lasts an average of 90 minutes, and they're progressive - you get a different balance of deep, non-REM and dreaming, REM sleep from each one, so you need to get all of them to be thoroughly rested. Although five sets of 90 minutes is 7.5 hours, you should factor in some extra time in bed to drop off and wake up gently, plus the exact length of each individual's sleep cycles will vary a little. So trying for 8 hours in bed works for pretty much everyone - and after a few weeks of tracking and optimising your sleep routine you'll be able to work out more precisely where your sleep sweet spot is.

Do I have to get 8 hours of sleep? What if I can't?

Ideally, every adult should aim to get their sleep cycles in every night, and trying for 8 hours in bed is a great way to acheive that. But we know that life can get in the way, and that there are lots of reasons, from waking with little ones to long work shifts that could affect your sleep. We'd still encourage you to make the changes you can to get the best quality sleep during your available rest hours. If you can, and you feel like it helps you, try fitting in a quality nap, too. Plus, as long as you track the hours you can get at least seven times, you're still eligible for your discount voucher and draw entry.

I've got the app already; where is #TryFor8?

#TryFor8 launches on July 22nd, at which point you'll be able to update your app and it will appear on the main navigation. If it's past the start date and you still can't see it there, please head to the iOS App Store and update your app.

I've tracked seven nights, but not one after the other. Can I still enter the draw?

Absolutely. Any seven nights of tracking before September 22nd qualify. Do try getting in the nightly tracking habit, though - the more info you have about how your sleep habits are playing out night after night, the more you'll see how important sleep is in your daily life.

How does the app work if I'm not wearing a tracker?

The Simba Sleep App measures your sleep duration and quality using audio, which is why it needs access to your microphone. It picks up breathing and movement and uses these to accurately assess whether you're asleep or awake and which stage of sleep you're in. It does also work with an Apple Watch if you have one and are happy to wear it while you sleep. As long as your phone is placed on the correct side of your bed, it's no problem if you're sleeping next to a partner, and you can each have your own independent tracking going.

And don't worry: all of this happens on your phone in real time. So as soon as the sound has been analysed in the moment, it's deleted. All your data is recorded locally, and no sound files are ever uploaded to us - they stay safe and sound on your device. You can download your own sleep data as a CSV file and you can also erase all data from the app (as well as anything saved to your iCloud). We can't and don't listen in; our tech does the analysis, and all we ever see are totally anonymous numbers.

I want to #TryFor8 but the programme has already started - does that matter?

Not at all - it's always a good time to #TryFor8! The challenges do start out at 'amateur' level and gently progress up to 'professional' status, so it's best to start from the beginning no matter how many weeks are already unlocked. The #TryFor8 challenges will stay on the app after they've all unlocked, so you can keep going. To qualify for your discount and draw entry, just track any seven nights (consecutively or not) before September 22nd.

I have a question about or problem with the app. Where can I go for help?

We're always happy to help (except when we're doing our own tracking). Just drop us a line here:

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