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sleep science  |  educational, product, science

What Makes a Simba Mattress Special?

sleep science  |  educational, product, science

What Makes a Simba Mattress Special?

What Makes a Simba Mattress Special?

Have you ever gone mattress shopping, just to be completely dumbfounded by how much choice there is? One company offers memory foam that ‘feels like a cloud’, another says ‘it’s the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have’ and you never really know which direction to turn or who to trust. Take a moment, don’t stress and give this a read.

2,500 conical springs combined with memory foam in a bed tested on 10 million people means a very high quality mattress.


One ‘Perfect’ Mattress

The mattress world relies on confusing you with its ridiculous number of options. Mattress salesmen will complicate things for you in an attempt to upsell. This is not our way of working. We offer one high quality product, in a range of sizes. We call our mattress perfect because we have specially engineered it to give people of all shapes and sizes the best possible night’s sleep.

Simba's Hybrid Mattress


The Simba Hybrid®: Memory Foam and 2,500 Conical Springs

Our Hybrid® mattress offers the comfort of memory foam with the support of springs. Our 2,500 conical springs move both horizontally and vertically to adjust to the shape of your body whilst you snooze. This is set above a layer of Visco memory foam which profiles your body ensuring that your comfort feels tailor made. Both layers are topped with a uniquely developed synthetic latex, below all of this is a support base with seven different zones perfectly designed for airflow. When covered with a hypoallergenic sleep surface, the product is completed. It’s all very scientific and believe us it’s extraordinarily comfortable.

We’re sure you’ll love our mattress, this is why we offer a 100 night guarantee – so you can sleep on it! If you want to give one a test then head down to your local John Lewis store and have a lie down. Want to read more? Find out everything you need to know here.

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