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news  |  cuckooz, london hotels, serviced apartments, simba in hotels, sleep retreats, the zed rooms

What happens when the experts design a dream bedroom?

news  |  cuckooz, london hotels, serviced apartments, simba in hotels, sleep retreats, the zed rooms

What happens when the experts design a dream bedroom?

What happens when the experts design a dream bedroom?

From the team behind the award-winning Simba Hybrid® Mattress, an award-winning holistic sleep experience: The Zed Rooms.

We’ve always known the secret to a good night’s sleep is to start with the science - which is why we designed our Hybrid® Mattress with data from ten million sleepers. We brought together brilliant minds like hospitality experts Cuckooz, sleep psychologist Hope Bastine and a host of design, technology and wellness partners to bring the dream sleep experience to life.

And now we've been recognised by the Serviced Apartment Awards 2019 - just in time for World Sleep Day!

Now open in London’s bustling Shoreditch, our award-winning The Zed Rooms are multi-sensory, sleep enhancing serviced apartments available for public booking. We took all the attention to detail that has spurred 60,000 five star reviews for Simba and combined it with the expertise of our partners to give visitors a chance to experience a whole world of sleep. Here are just three reasons why you should treat yourself to a stay.

  1. We’re taking you back to the Woom

We're experts in sleep so we naturally started with the bed. All three of our bespoke apartments have a Woom Room, designed to help you sleep like a baby. The centrepiece is the extraordinary cocoon bed, which fits together like a puzzle piece to create a sensory haven built for better sleep. Curl up on a Simba Hybrid Mattress and let the rippling patterns of the natural wood frame cradle you as you drift off.

In the two-bed apartments, another pair of sleepers can rest easy in our Loom Rooms, where flowing fabrics and inspirational artwork encourage a truly dream-like experience.  And for those in our one-bed penthouse, there’s a private terrace to enjoy before bedtime.


  1. We’ve delighted all the sleep senses

Cuckooz have an eye for design and originality. Studio Stilton create immersive experiences. Put them together and you have a real treat for the eyes - and that’s just the beginning.

From the moment your step into the room, you can pad about enjoy a soothing soundscape including cello sounds (one of the most satisfying to the human ear, as it’s the same pitch as our voices). Smart, dimmable lights bring on warm hues to reduce the disruption from blue light. Neom’s fragrance wizards provide scents for the bathroom, living room and bedrooms, packed with carefully selected essential oils to calm frazzled minds.

And that’s all before you feel the exceptional comfort of our extraordinary bedrooms, complete with the full Simba Hybrid® range.

  1. We’ve created calm out of chaos

London’s Tech City never sleeps - which is exactly why we put The Zed Rooms there. With all the ingredients for great days and nights out around you, it’s even more important to have an oasis of rest to return to after both work and play. With food options from healthy cafes to fine dining on the doorstep and a wealth of shopping options a stone’s throw away - plus excellent transport links further afield - you don’t have to get away from it all to, well, get away from it all.

We get it: sleeping away from home is a challenge. As our resident sleep psychologist, Hope notes:

“If you’ve ever noticed that you don’t sleep as well in a hotel, you’re not alone. Scientists recognised the ‘first night effect’ over a decade ago, where one half of the brain unconsciously acts as a ‘night watchman’, staying more alert when in unfamiliar surroundings.

With this in mind, tapping into the emotional and physical, no stone has been left unturned trying to soothe the effects of this in the design architecture of our new cutting-edge sleep retreat.”

Ready to put it to the test? Book your retreat now online, drop a line to or call 020 7481 8507.

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