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Top Ten Things You Get Up To In Bed

Top Ten Things You Get Up To In Bed

Ten things?! Surely bed is all about one thing…two things at most: sleep and, well, other stuff. But it’s you guys, and yes we mean you, who’ve told us otherwise. It’s official, the bed has evolved! Turns out the same credentials that make it perfect for sleep – supportive, relaxing, peaceful – make bed the ideal place for all sorts of other stuff too. Prove it, you say? Okay, here it goes…


We commissioned our version of a private detective, an independent survey, to ask 2,000 people some questions about their mattress activities. And our survey said…


1. Nothing beats a page-turner

Topping the list is reading a good, old-fashioned book. And it can only be a good thing because, in the words, of Dr. Seuss “the more that you read, the more things that you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 


2. Get connected in bed 

No matter how many times you’ve tried to ban that blue light from the vicinity, you can’t help scrolling through your Instagram last thing at night and checking your emails as soon as you wake up. With lots of people reaching for their laptops, mobiles and tablets, tech in bed most definitely gets a like, heart emoji, swipe right. 


3. To do lists are all the rage

A good portion of the nation are planners with over a quarter of people writing to-do lists, ordering and arranging things from the comfort of their beds. It just takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? Doing tasks with a pillow behind your head and a glass of wine in your hand.


4. Genuinely watching Netflix and chilling

There was once a time when, unless you had a TV in your bedroom, there was no choice but to watch your favourite series from the sofa. Then Netflix happened and everything changed. The sofa has officially been exchanged for the bed as the place to binge watch favourite series. 


5. Natter, gab, chinwag

Whatever you want to call it, there are lots of people out there who catch up with their friends and family on FaceTime, Skype and the phone while in bed. We’ll hazard a guess that it’s just that little bit more distraction free than the rest of the house. You’re all ears. 


Now we know you’re probably dying to go and try something new on your mattress, but first the final five: talking through life’s problems; planning holidays; spending quality time with the family; relaxing with pets and medtation.


So there you have it: ten things you do in bed that aren’t sleeping. Proof that the bed has become your table, sofa, yoga mat, therapy room and office.

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