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There’s Nothing Wrong with a Girls’ Night In

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There’s Nothing Wrong with a Girls’ Night In

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Girls’ Night In

Everyone loves a night out but a night in can be just as fun! For one night, put aside the hassle of getting dressed up, spending too much money, looking after your intoxicated friends or getting soaked to the bone in a sudden downpour. Instead, enjoy that night at home just as much. There are two options for your night in; you can relax and rejuvenate with a bit of ‘me time’ or you can get the girls round for an evening of mischief, cocktails and endless giggles.

There's nothing wrong with a girls' night in

A Girls’ Night In

Your night in doesn’t have to be a quiet one. If you want to celebrate or have a laugh, get the girls round for a bit of old school fun. Remember the days of sleep overs with your girlfriends, gossiping about boys? Well you’re never too old for a slumber party. Mix up your favourite cocktails, bake some naughty treats and pamper yourselves. It’s your night off – you deserve it.

So Many Fun Options

Who said we couldn’t have a big night without going out? In our opinion a big night in is easily as much fun as a big night out. There are so many fun things to do. Why not get your besties round for a night of pampering? Want to let off some steam? Grab a bottle (or three) and prepare for that silly, side splitting fun that only you and your friends can have together. Then there’s the hybrid night in; facemasks, manis and pedis, wine, loads of girl talk and your favourite anthems.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Chick Flick or Two

Another amazing way to spend your night in is with a good old chick flick. Get the girls round, get comfy and watch a classic like Mean Girls, Pretty Woman or whatever film you’ve already seen 100 times and will know every word to.

Plan the Ultimate Girly Getaway

What’s more fun than going on holiday? How about getting the girls round and planning one? Find a destination, check out the hotel, the pool and the best bars to visit. What’s the beach like? Where’s the best places to visit? What will you wear? Jump on ASOS or Boohoo and plan your holiday wardrobe too.

Fancy a Clothes Swap?

Feeling guilty about that dress in your wardrobe you bought last year and haven’t worn? Got a top your ex-boyfriend bought that you can’t bring yourself to wear? Keep buying clothes and really need to free up some space in your wardrobe? A great idea for your girls’ night in is to arrange a clothes swap. Everyone brings the clothes they don’t wear and swaps them with new and exciting choices. It’s a hassle and guilt free way of clearing out your excess garments and picking up that dress of Becky’s you’ve been eyeing up ever since her shopping spree last October.

A Quiet Night In?

So you’ve opted for a quiet night to yourself? It’s time to turn off your phone and stop checking those emails from work, tonight is all about you. Here’s how we recommend spending it:

There's nothing wrong with a quiet night in

Forget the Diet

Step away from the Kale smoothie and drop the rabbit food. Tonight is your night and you’re eating what you want. Forget the diet, your beach body isn’t any more unobtainable after just one night’s indulgence. Will you spend the time and effort cooking a mouth-watering dish for yourself or will you avoid the hassle and order in? What about snacks? Of course you need some snacks! Don’t forget to pop to the shop before your indulgent evening, making a run to the local off-licence in the rain is hardly a great way to start your relaxing evening.

Bring Out the Bubbles

Okay so now you’ve got the food sorted, it’s time to really relax. There’s nothing quite as soothing as a long hot bubble bath. Want to go the extra mile? Light yourself some candles, play some music or bring your favourite book. You’ll be there for hours. Why not try some of Neal’s Yard’s soothing bath foams, oils or salts for your long soak?

Pamper Yourself

Now it’s time to take your relaxation up a level! Put on some fresh PJs, don a facemask and give your nails the manicure you’ve been promising yourself for weeks. Why not YouTube some make-up videos and perfect that Megan Fox smoky eye technique you’ve fallen in love with.

Netflix and Chill

No, not like that… We mean Netflix and actually chill. There’s no feeling quite like putting your feet up and spending the evening watching your favourite TV series. Go ahead, binge watch as much as you want, one more episode won’t hurt!

Catch Up On Sleep
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What’s your idea of the perfect night in? We'd love to know, tweet us using #SimbaNightIn to tell us what you'd get up to.

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