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The Sleep Quiz: Understand Your Sleep Pattern

The Sleep Quiz: Understand Your Sleep Pattern

A healthy sleep pattern is one where you fall asleep easily, through the night comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed and your best self. For over a third of the British public, this sounds a totally unattainable reality, and with sleep disorders on the rise never has there been a more important time to understand, acknowledge and improve the way we sleep.

That’s why we - the experts in sleep - are proud to bring to the world our new Simba Sleep Sleep Quiz.

This intuitive programme breaks down your sleeping pattern by analysing your answers to 12 questions and converts them into a comprehensive report on your sleeping pattern. The report strips your pattern back to the essentials, giving you all the tools and tips you need to become a master of sleep.

So, tell us about your sleep pattern now and we’ll tell you how to retune it so that you can enjoy optimal sleep, every night.


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