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The Simba Hybrid Pillow

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The Simba Hybrid Pillow

The Simba Hybrid Pillow

It’s been over a year since we launched the Simba Hybrid® mattress, a product which redefined the landscape of the mattress industry. The process between inception and deliverance of the Hybrid® took over 100 prototypes, decades of expertise and months of research.  Finally, we fulfilled our brand promise to champion better sleep through science.

Still committed to that promise, this year we’ve been working on our next feat of technological engineering: the Simba Hybrid Pillow. It’s a culmination of thousands of miles travelled, collaborations with global tech giants and space-certified solutions, weeks of modelling and unyielding drive. It not only redefines everything you have seen before but is the solution to the gaps in the pillow market.

“We wanted to bring to the market a pillow like no other; one that was the perfect combination of technology and material. It needed to contribute not only to the best night’s sleep, but also elevate and increase the benefits of sleep for the body and mind.” explains Simba Product Development Manager, Emily Wynne-Jones. “We set out to create a pillow that was as unique as every person sleeping on it.”

For that, a simple memory foam pillow wouldn’t do. To be utterly game changing, this pillow would have to be both customisable and responsive. It needed to employ cutting-edge technology and incorporate materials that had never been used in a pillow before.

So that’s what we created.

First, we set out to solve the most common problem with pillows: heat retention. Poorly made low (or no) tech pillows are notorious for making you sweat more throughout the night. You are forced to constantly flip to the cooler side of your pillow for a five-minute reprieve from the damp, warm surface pressed against you.

A Certified Space Technology™ material was the most innovative solution. OUTLAST® material was originally developed for NASA and used to protect astronauts against temperature changes by absorbing, storing and releasing heat for optimal thermal comfort. Throughout the night your body temperature fluctuates 1 -2 degrees causing the average person to lose around 1 litre of water. To keep your body temperature regulated, OUTLAST® draws the heat away, trapping it within its fibres and as you cool down it releases the warmth back out.

Just beneath the OUTLAST® layer, we’ve added a cushioning of softest down. Completely natural and breathable, the down adds an incredible luxurious feel without compromising on support.

As for the reverse side of the pillow; it’s a combination of smart microfibre and premium 300 thread count jacquard cotton. The microfibre is not only exceptionally lightweight, but also inimitably soft. Paired with the cotton, you have a side that is breathable and highly durable.

With thermoregulation and comfort addressed we turned to the second most common problem: support. The importance of this principle is well documented; your pillow is an essential tool for supporting the complex structures of the head, neck, hips, and spine. 

We shied away from the traditional foam, wool and down and instead chose a material which has never been used as a filling: Nanotubes.

These small laser-cut, cylindrical tubes are made from super-soft memory foam which moulds to the shape of your head, offering unparalleled support. Each tube is completely responsive and reacts individually to the impact of your head on the pillow. By using Nanotubes we also solved another problem: height and firmness of your pillows. Remove up to six handfuls of Nanotubes for a medium firmness and up to twelve for a softer pillow. Each pillow comes with its own soft fabric bag to store any excess Nanotubes.

The final piece in the design is our very own 3D Active Temperature Regulation fabric which divides the two sides. This mesh fabric creates ventilation for the pillow, complementing the effectiveness of the OUTLAST® technology and working in tandem with the responsive Nanotubes.

As with the Simba Hybrid mattress, we had again accomplished what we had set out to do.

To our customers, this is just the start.
To our competitors, good luck.


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