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The Simba Base Versus the World of Flat Pack Furniture

news  |  educational, product

The Simba Base Versus the World of Flat Pack Furniture

The Simba Base Versus the World of Flat Pack Furniture

The average Brit will spend EIGHT DAYS building flat pack furniture over their lifetime. As well as the eight days of manual labour, they will also spend a further ten days browsing and shopping for these flat pack additions to their home. That’s where our Simba Bed Base comes in. An innovative, contemporary and slick solution to the irks of the flat pack world.

In our pursuit of sleep innovation, we commissioned research into flat pack furniture and what we learnt was staggering.

Sixteen per cent of Brits find flat pack instructions more difficult to follow than a job application, thirteen per cent would rather tackle their tax return and eight per cent think they’d have better luck finishing the Times crossword than cracking open their toolbox.

Nearly two thirds of British couples have had an argument in the midst of a construction session, and 28 per cent think that doing DIY together weakens their relationship. Fourteen per cent even went as far to say that building flat pack with their partner is the absolute worst thing they can imagine doing together, and is the cause of major rows.

Double-bed frames have given one in five homeowners particular bother, and take an average of 2 hours and 18 minutes to fit together.

Armed with this research, we worked with our off-site design departments in Helsinki to come up with a game-changing flat pack bed base design. You can put the Simba Base up in just three minutes. No screws needed!

“For too long self-assembly furniture has been plagued with quality and build frustrations. The Simba Base is part of a new era of smartpack furniture design to solve the age-old problems of flat pack. Construction should be fast and intuitive and uncompromising on quality, and that’s exactly what our goal has been with the new base-in-a box system,” said our CEO, James Cox.

Versatile, compact and minimalist the Simba Base is the answer to that elusive flat pack question:

How on earth do I get it up?


Introducing your 6th layer of comfort.


Arrives Compact

Arriving in two boxes, you will find the Simba base in 6 easy-to-put-together pieces. Our simple design means it’s also ideal for moving house or used as a store away bed for guests.

Expert Craftsmanship

The Simba Bed Base combines a wood, aluminium/steel frame with sprung wooden slats with a rubber piping for anti-slip and noise reduction. For the outer material, we have used a minimalistic dove grey fabric allowing you to dress up as you see fit. 

No Tools Needed

In just a few swift motions each piece will simply anchor and click into place with our central locking system. With just six components and no complicated instructions, you are in for a smooth, stress-free assembly.

Quick to Assemble

The Simba Base only takes 3 minutes to assemble. Deconstruct and manoeuvre multiple times without compromising the structural integrity or store away for when guests come to stay!


Building our own furniture should be simpler, smarter and faster.


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