behind the scenes, educational

The Secrets of the Mattress Industry

behind the scenes, educational

The Secrets of the Mattress Industry

The Secrets of the Mattress Industry

Every industry has secrets that it would rather you didn’t uncover and the mattress industry is no different. Coils, foam and pocket sprung - what do they all mean and what's the difference anyway? Read on to discover the tricks of the trade and what you’re really sleeping on...

First off, did you know that a fancy name-brand mattress from a traditional mattress store can cost you up to twelve times more than the actual cost of the mattress? Twelve!

Most traditional mattress stores rely on high-pressure sales tactics to convince you to buy the most expensive mattress in the shop. What they neglect to tell you is that no matter how much you spend or which brand you purchase, there is very little difference between them.

Traditionally, mattresses are made in the same way, and consist of the same ingredients usually falling into two camps; foam mattresses and spring mattresses. A foam mattress consists of (yep, you guessed it) layers of foam varying in density and weight, topped off with either a softer layer of memory foam or latex foam.

On the other side of the ring, you have spring mattresses. As the name suggests, these are made up of rows of springs which act as the base support. Ever heard that size isn’t everything? Well, coil count isn’t necessarily either. It’s all about the type and quality of the coil, and how the mattress is constructed around them.

So, what do these two camps have in common? Innovation - or more specifically, a lack of innovation. If it ain't broke, don’t fix it, right?


This is where a Simba mattress is very different.

When Simba Sleep came to the market we didn’t want to be another wheel in the industry, we wanted to reinvent it.

We quickly established that affordability was a key concern for customers and to address that, we needed to sell directly to you. By selling online and building a relationship with just one retail partner, John Lewis, we've made our mattress easily accessible at the best possible price.

Determined to be the industry innovators, we created a certified hybrid - the Simba Hybrid®. With a unique combination of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam, it’s supportive and durable. We’ve also added some inventions of our own, such as Simbatex, a synthetic latex. Designed to keep you cool and comfortable, this unique layer doesn't trap the heat and keeps your temperature under control. How did we come up with all these layers of comfort you may ask? We worked with the Sleep to Live Institute who have profiled more than 10 million people and 180 million body profile data points.

So here’s a final fact for you: no matter where you shop, you won’t find another mattress built with the same components as the Simba Hybrid® anywhere.  


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