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Sleeping Patternzzz

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Sleeping Patternzzz

Sleeping Patternzzz

A good nights sleep can be hard enough to get on your own. Add in the challenge of sleeping with a partner who wriggles, hogs the covers, or has a totally different work schedule to you, and you are left pretty sleep deprived. Did you know that 23% of couples routinely sleep in different beds? We were really shocked when we heard that stat too!

On your way to our blog did you spot some seriously cool pics with enviably good-looking models in? This is our latest campaign, Patternzzzz! We wanted to visually demonstrate how Simba, the world’s most advanced mattress, has been developed perfectly for couples. 

A mattress that is designed to respond to you, offering maximum support for two people so your sleep won’t be disturbed by your partner. You can wriggle all you like and your partner won’t feel a thing! 

From conception to launch it took the team over two months to pull the campaign off with some highs and lows, due to the scale of what was being created - nothing our contingency plan didn’t cover though!

The patterns were developed by Andy - our creative director who went back to pen, paintbrush and paper, developing the designs by hand to get the desired effect of our many zzz patterns! Look from a distance and you’ll be able to spot that all the designs are in z shapes and represent each character! We don’t miss a trick, do we? ;)

The original plan was to hydro dip the whole set, but we soon realised it wasn’t possible and, two days before the shoot, we rallied together 20 graffiti artists (plus anyone with hands!) to work day and night to hand paint EVERYTHING. We owe them a lot of sleep as the set was changed 4 times throughout the whole shoot, each set meticulously painted for each pattern design. For those who keep asking – our pjs and bed sets are not for sale (well not yet anyway!) but were designed by Maria who was in charge of the set build and also handmade all the awesome pyjamas and duvet covers too! 


What’s your sleep pattern?


The Early Bird

5.30am is prime time for the Early Bird. While most people are still asleep they’re up planning their day and catching that worm. Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” - and that’s the Early Bird is all about. 


The Bed Hog

The bed hog takes over the entire mattress, either shoving you up against the wall so you can’t breathe, or pushing you off the side. If they don’t hog the bed, they hog the blankets, rolling up like they were wrapped in a cocoon, leaving you shivering. 


The Heavy Sleeper

Nothing can wake the Heavy Sleeper. Alarms can go off for hours. TVs can be turned on. Shouts to wake up go unheard. It takes superhuman efforts to rouse them from their deep slumber. When they’re experiencing the comfort of Simba, it’s nearly impossible!


The Light Sleeper

The Light Sleeper will wake up at the quietest noise or most minuscule movement. Nothing gets past them. Any light coming through the curtains is a massive no no. You’ll usually find them in bed with a sleeping mask on and ear plugs in.


The Thinker

Just as their body starts to get ready for bed, the Thinker’s mind starts to go into overdrive. ‘What have I got on tomorrow?’, ‘Did I remember to turn the gas off?’, ‘’I wonder what she’s up to?’. Banal questions take on great significance and before you know it, it’s 3am. 


The Catcher Upper

The Catcher Upper is up and at ‘em every week day - which means when it comes to the weekend they playing catch up. Those Saturday and Sunday lie ins give them the energy they need to take on the rest of the week. 


The Wriggler

Tossing and turning. Rolling and rocking. The Wriggler never appears to get comfortable. But this is their way of getting to sleep. They’re in a state of constant movement - fidgeting and trying to get into that perfect position to get the perfect night’s sleep.


The Night Owl

‘I’ll just watch one more episode,” thinks the Night Owl even though it’s after midnight. The Night Owl does their best work when most people are hitting the hay. They start to come alive. The only problem is getting up in the morning.

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